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Y/n's POV:

Don't you just love it when you wake up on a nice, warm, sunny day? Yeah me too.

But today is not one of those days.

I rolled over onto my back and faced the ceiling, my arms and legs flailed out all across my bed, hogging up most of the space.

As I remember the look on Hoseok's face when I surprised him, a grin made it's way onto my previously frowning structure.

He is just too cute.

The way his mouth made the shape of a small 'O' and how his eyes widen at the sight of me.

The way his dimples popped out when he grinned and ran right to me.

The way he stumbled on his way and almost face planted.

The way he held me.

Oh how I wish I could reply that moment.

His grip was like none I have ever felt before.

As if he was afraid to lose me.

To make it even cuter, I saw him a few days before.

He looked so squishy.

But my favorite part was,

His cheeks.

They were so fluffy.

They were puffy and I just wanted to squish them.

I giggled to myself.

I want to see him again.

Now in a better mood, I throw the covers off of me and scramble to my phone.

There were a few texts from him and Jimin.

Completely ignoring Jimin's texts, I opened Hoseok's.

Squishy👶: Good morning my angel!! I hope your day is amazing and worry free!!! I miss you!! 💕

I smiled.

Me: Good moring sunshine!!! My day is now worry free and 100x better thanks to you!!! I miss you too!!! Are you busy today? I was thinking we could hang our at my place?

I threw my phone onto my bed out of fear, hoping his response wouldn't be a no.

I laughed at myself.

'What am I? A middle schooler?'

My phone pings and I practically sprint over to it.

Squishy👶: I'm sorry princess, but unfortunately I have practice today☹

My heart sank.

So much for having a good day.

Me: that's okay!! We can meet up another time!!! Have fun at practice and don't hurt yourself!!!

Squishy👶: okay Mom🙄

Me: don't sass me! That's just asking for a butt whoopin

Squishy👶: oh no!! Not the butt whoopings. I'm sooo scared

Me: you're about to experience real fear if you keep that up

Squishy👶: I'm sorry!! Please don't hurt me😅😣

Me: I'll let it slide this once. But please do be careful, I won't have any cheeks to squish if you injure yourself

Squishy👶: what?

Me: what? I didn't say anything

Squishy👶: whatever. Well I have to go fr now, bye sweetie💕

Me: Bye Hobi💕

Well that's a bummer. I really wanted to squish his cheeks again.

No, that's not why I want to see him again.

Okay, maybe that's most of it, but still!!

I smile to myself.

"You looks like you're planning on killing someone with that grin."

'What the-'

I spin around on my heels.

"Yoongi? How the heck did you get in my apartment?"

He smirked.

"I have my ways."

I gave him a knowing look.

"Okay, so maybe Hoseok gave me the keys to your apartment..."

I raised a brow.

"Okay fine! I stole them out of his pocket!"

I laughed.

"And why is that?"

He smiled.

'There's that famous gummy smile.'

"As you know, his birthday is coming up, an-"

I gape at him.


He grimaced at my screech.

"Okay let me rephrase that. Now, we all know that his birthday is coming up, and we wanted to throw him a surprise party. You in?"

I tapped my chin, thinking.

"Okay, how can I help?"

He grinned.

"Okay, so this is what your going to do."

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