Chapter 19 : Secrets

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Lavanya felt awkward and mildly embarrassed once her crying fit got over and yet she refused to move away from the confines of his arms . She didn't expect him to come after her and she didnt expect herself to react the way she did either .

As much as she wanted to remain like that, it was quite impossible as well . So she stepped back a little and waited for him to speak, she was relived when he entered her house before her. The thought he wasn't leaving made her relax as she stepped inside after him .

Lavanya knew the moment Vihaan eyes landed on her packed bags.She was never this impulsive, but she didnt think she could stay in the house any longer, she called her dad and asked him if she could stay in a hotel or something until she finds a new place.

Which resulted in her parents worrying over her, as she didnt even tell them the reason behind her decision, but apparently she can be stubborn as well that they agreed and asked her to give them a hour, so they can call up a friend of them to see if she can stay with them for the night.

" You cant leave Lavanya " his voice made her look up to him. After months of silence, his first words to her should have made her elated, but apparently all she felt was the loss of him so keenly at the moment .

Lavanya had adopted to believe that it no longer hurt, his absence in her life, yet one look at him all those memories rushed in. She knew he was still talking to her about how it unfair to abandon Akash for his father mistakes, still she remained silent lost in her thoughts.

The sound of a calling bell made Vihaan stop talking as Lavanya walked to open the door and find Akash standing outside this time around and she desperately wanted him not to see the packed bags as seeing him in person made her realise the error of hurting her friend, but Akash being Akash walked past her as he often do until he froze at the sight of the packed bags .

Lavanya would have been okay if he said a word, the utter stillness in him bothered her, she desperately looked at Vihaan for help who was looking at Akash with the same concern. And a minute passed where all three of them held on to their silence until one of them spoke up. And she didnt expect it to be Vihaan .

"You both have seen my scars right and half of them were caused by my father and also he killed my mother and left me abandoned. My father is a monster and I always assumed no one can look past my family and be my friends.

It was the reason I never made friends. I dont want to be known as the murderer son. It was easy to remain alone then be rejected, It was also the reason I never told you about it. Your father told me this Lavanya when I told him about my past ,he doesn't want his children to lose any friends over his mistakes and all it mattered to him was me not my father mistakes. You both can't let one mistake from his father to destroy your friendship " Vihaan finished speaking and he didn't expect pity from his friends, he just didnt want them to lose each other. Yet there eyes remained locked with him .

" I am sorry Akash, I really wasn't thinking, I am so sorry " Lavanya made herself speak up, she wanted to apologize but also because she knew Vihaan needs reprieve as well, he shared a part of him that he kept locked up and she knew him enough by now that the only thing he would expect from them was to accept what he said, but not question him about it.

"Well here I was wallowing in self pity about how my father with his rigid set of right and wrong deprived me of things that really mattered to me . He is still in the wrong, don't think I am justifying him, but I am just glad that I haven't lost you both because of him " Akash spoke up and Lavanya let a sigh of relief that she hadn't hurt him irrevocably.

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