three: body slam

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The moment embarrassment washes over you, you immediately question your existence. Dear God, if you can hear me right now, please help me get out this dreadful situation. You mentally pleaded.

Picture your most embarrassed moment. Now, when you think of it your immediate reaction would either be to laugh or cringe, but for your case right now is no laughing matter, maybe for your friends. However, you were literally mentally dying.

If you wondering why you feel so embarrassed or humiliated. It all started in the afternoon, your mood happy and wonderful. Thinking maybe the rest of the day would be good as well.

What a lie.


"Well aren't you in a good mood" angel teased, squeezing at your sides.

You blushed and let your hair fall onto your face. You, Angel and Sky were currently walking to a café nearby your collage. You and Sky were done for the day, whilst Angel had only a hour to spare with you two before heading off to class.

"So, it's true then" Angel piped and you tilted your head in confusion, a clear frown written on your face. "Don't play dumb" Angel giggled and pointed a finger towards me.

You looked over at Sky to help your brain wrap around on what Angel was on about. Sky didn't bother to look up from her phone when she answered, "Ice cream"

"OHH" you exclaimed loudly, the sudden realization hitting you.

"Idiot" sky muttered and continued tapping away on her phone.

"Yes, ohh. I had to hear from Robin what happened and you know she's not good at explaining stuff" Angel said, clutching her bag sling more securely onto her shoulder. You sighed and chuckled, eyes turned into crescents.

"Namjoon bought me ice cream yesterday" you said, thinking back onto the boys anxious gesture.

"Hey, Sky. Look at her, her eyes are literal hearts" Angel laughed, nudging Skys arm. Sky and Angel laughed at you. "What flavour was it?" Angel asked.

"Mint chocolate" you said, grinning.

"Mint chocolate? Didn't he make a whole ass speech explaining why he thinks mint chocolate isn't a flavour?"

You shrugged, "No clue, but I would fight him if he told me it wasn't."

Angel hummed and looked over at Sky. She pulled Skys phone out of her hand only seeing glimpse of it before Sky snatched it back. Angel eyes peeled back in shock and started to laugh uncontrollably.

"OH MY GOD. SKY, YOU ARE SO WHIPPED FOR YOONGI" Angel shrieked. You started to walk faster, knowing what will unravel next, you walked ahead of them and noticed the café in view.

You opened the café door, the bell ringing, indicating to the other customers of your arrival. You gazed around the cosy café, eyes searching for a empty spot.

You spotted a good seat for you and your friends by the window. You walked over to the table and sat down, you leaned your body against the chair and looked out the window. You could hear your two friends bickering as they walked over to your table and you really wished you had normal friends, but then again you weren't normal either.

"You could of waited for us." Angel complained, plopping down in the seat in front of you and Sky taking the seat next to her, leaving the seat next to you empty.

"I didn't want to hear y'all argue" you muttered, eyes falling onto the menu in front of you. You heard Angel click her tongue and mumble bitch.

"Have you lovely girls decided on what you will be having?" the waiter asked, voice cheerful and face contoured with a bright smile.

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