Chapter 35

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LILY headed to Vena's house after dinner. Adrian had left as well—she'd made him promise not to break in and surprise her when she returned in the morning.

She had a dagger and a nightdress, but she couldn't shake the feeling of dread she'd had after Adrian's warning. Hopefully, a night with the girls would change that.

She knocked on the door, waiting a moment before it swung open to reveal Venix, looking positively sour.

"What's wrong?" Lily asked, stepping inside.

He shut the door behind her. "They're kicking me out of my own room," he said, looking grumpy.

"Is that Lily?" Vena's shout came from the inside room.

Venix sighed. "Well, you should go in. The others are here already."

"Thank you." Lily nodded. She walked inside to see Vena, Iressa and Ada sitting on a bed, all grinning.

Vena jumped up as she walked in. "Lily! I was beginning to think you wouldn't come!"

"Close the door, will you?" Iressa said, waving at her.

Lily laughed, closing the door. "Sorry, I got late. Not too late, I hope?"

Vena shook her head, dragging Lily onto the bed. "No, you're good. You should change, though."

"Right." Lily went into the adjoining bathroom and changed into her nightdress. She left her clothes on a chair and sat on the bed beside the others. "So, what are you all doing?"

Vena shrugged. "Just talking, for now."

Iressa grinned, one of the first true grins Lily had seen from her since the attack. "Teasing Ada, mostly."

Ada's cheeks were indeed red, and they grew brighter as Lily looked at her.

"About Venix?" Lily asked, arching an eyebrow.

Ada went even more red. "He's right outside, can we not talk about this?"

Vena waved her hand dismissively. "The door is closed, he won't hear anything if we're quiet."

Ada huffed. "You're all being ridiculous."

"Us?" Vena raised her eyebrows. "What's ridiculous is the way you look at him when he's not watching."

Ada covered her face with her hands.

"For the love of all that's green." Ada groaned, her voice muffled by her hands. "It's not like that!"

"No?" Iressa leaned forward. "Tell us what it's like, then."

Ada sighed. "We're just friends."

"Is that disappointment I hear?" Lily asked, grinning.

"No!" Ada cried.

"Whisper!" Vena hissed. "Unless you want him to hear all this." She grinned.

Ada glared at them. "You're horrible. Can we change the subject, please?"

Vena sighed. "For now. I'm going to get a confession out of you one way or another."

Ada's eyes narrowed. "Oh, really? And what about that soldier you always drool over?"

For the first time, Lily saw Vena blush bright red.

Iressa gaped. "What?"

"No! It's not like that!" Vena said, shaking her head quickly.

"Vena!" Lily exclaimed, her mouth dropping open. "You haven't told us about this! Who is he, tell?"

Vena shook her head. "No one, really!"

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