Eyes On The Horizon ( 43 )

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My eyes shot open and I was meet with almost complete darkness aside from fire lite candles hanging from the walls. I sat up from my makeshift bed on the library couch.

To my left, I heard Ty jump up from the floor. He was gasping for air as he clutched his chest. His eyes were wild and unfocused.

His rapid breathing and panic woke the others in the dark library.

"Dude, it's like one in the morning. What are you freaking out about? We're trying to sleep", Jason groaned sleepily.

Alex and Roy both took their pillows and hit Jason with them.

"S-Sorry", Ty stuttered as he struggled to catch his breath.

"Nightmare?", Roy asked.

"Something like that", Ty replied.

Ty recounted what had happened in the dreamscape to the others. They all listened intently to his words.

"If Zeref found Vokoun then we have little time left before he breaks the seal on his tomb. We no longer have time to wait for Larisa to learn to use the light. We must move soon... very soon."

"If we can't use Spero how are we to beat Zeref?", Alex questioned.

"We improvise till she does.", Ty answered sadly looking at me, " I'm sorry. I can't give you more time. If he resumes his true form there will be with no way we'll be able to stop him."

"I know."

"So we're just going to wing it and hope for the best.", Jason recounted dryly.

Ty only nodded his head sadly as he stared at the marble floor.

"Tomorrow night is a full moon. That's when Zeref will have enough power to break the seal. We'll leave at dawn till then get some rest."

We all sat in silence in the candlelit darkness of the library. Not one of us tried anymore as thoughts of tomorrow flooded our head. Eventually, sleep did take us one by one. First Roy followed by Alex then Jason. Leaving me and Ty alone in the silent night.

As quietly as I could I lifted myself from the couch and made my way to Ty spot on the floor.

"What are you doing?", He whispered.

I didn't answer as I laid down next to him. I laid my head on his chest and held onto him. For a moment, he went stiff then I felt him smile and pull me closer into his chest. His warmth kept me from freezing on the arctic marble floors of the library. I couldn't stop myself from smiling into his chest.

"Goodnight.", He whispered in my ear.


The sound of laughing woke me up. I groaned and snuggled deeper into Ty's arms. I heard more laughing that brought me back to reality. I opened my eyes and sat up glaring at the boys. Especially at Alex who had his phone out taking pictures. I used my arm to shield my eyes from the light of the bright flash.

"Alex!", I warned," Delete those photos. Now!"


I reached for the phone in his hand. He pulled it out of my reach. I got up fully and reached for the phone only for it to be pulled away again.

"Alex", I warned again.

Alex smirked at me then took off running into the library. I chased after him. The tips of my hair glowing with embers.

"Alex!", I yelled at him.

I caught up to him and jumped on his back. I locked my leg around his waist and reached for the phone. Alex held it just out of my reach.

We both fought each other. But we both froze when someone shouted.

"Hey!", Ty yelled," What is going on here?"

"He took pictures."


"Of us...", I said barely above a whisper.

Ty's eyes narrowed and glared at Alex.

Ty walked up to us, me still on Alex's back, and took the phone from Alex's hand. He looked at it for a second then crushed it in one hand.

I couldn't help but giggle as I hopped off of Alex.

"My phone."

"I'll buy you a new one," Ty said as he handed Alex back the broken phone.

Ty walked away and I followed him.


"Of course. But um...", Ty said as he pointed to his hair.

"What?", I asked confused.

"Your hair. It's on fire."

"Oh, That happens.", I said as my hair went out.

" I like it."

"You do?"

"Yeah, you're like a little Firecracker", He laughed.

I couldn't help but laugh too.

Soon the others began to pack our things, which wasn't much we had gone through all of our food supply form our journey. What we had left was mostly personal items or our weapons.

Speaking of weapons. I heard the others and Ty talking.

"Where's your sword?", Roy asked

"I wouldn't be using it this time", Ty replied.

"You're going unarmed?", I asked worriedly.

"No, that would be foolish. This is going to be the hardest battle we've faced yet. I can't hold back any longer."

"You mean you've been holding back?", Roy asked dumbfounded.

"My job was to get you all together and train you to be the best you can be. If I fought all your battles how will you learn?", Ty explained.

"If you're not using your sword. Then what will you use?", Alex asked curiously.

"Over the years I've mastered various weapons of different classes, but one has always been my favorite", Ty said with a smile.

Ty held out his hand. For a moment nothing happened. Then suddenly spark erupted from his hand and in a flash of lightning, a radiant gold spear appeared in his hand.

 Then suddenly spark erupted from his hand and in a flash of lightning, a radiant gold spear appeared in his hand

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"That's amazing", I said in awe.

"I thought you'd like it", Ty said as he spun the spar between his fingers.

As the spar spun small sparks of lightning flew from it and Ty's eyes glowed white as lightning sparked off his body.

"He's like a discount Thor", Roy gushed.

"Please, I could kick Thor's ass."

"Yeah, you could", I stated smirking at him and laughing a little.

Ty smirked back at me as he stopped spinning the spear and the lightning in his eyes faded out.

"It's time."

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