Chapter 14

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Dylan should've looked where the fuck he was going. As soon as he got out the car he was bombarded by an angry looking man and could already feel a headache coming. With a sigh, Dylan exited the car, and made sure to grab his wallet and before the angry buffoon could say anything, Dylan wrote out a check and slammed it into the man's palm. The angry man looked down at his palm and his eyes widened. "O my," he whispered, his anger forgotten. Dylan had to hold in a laugh and an eye roll at the typical reaction. "That should cover the damages for your car and anything else you need looked at," Dylan said, giving the woman-who he found out is with child- a quick glance. The man quickly nods and Dylan goes back to his car, his head now pounding. Please don't let me have a concussion, he thought as he quickly pulled back into the street, still not haven't looked where he was going and drove to the cafe.

The reason he's now making his way to the cafe door almost 20 minutes late, is because of stupid traffic and the fact that he had to pull over a few times due to his headache, that just won't stop hurting. He probably should've went to the hospital before, coming to the cafe, but Dylan and hospitals don't go well together. After all every time someone important to him checked into a hospital, never checked out. Which, is why Dylan didn't stop by the hospital before coming to the cafe. He'd rather chop off a limb.

Sighing, Dylan opens the door surprised when the bell on top of the door doesn't chime. He takes a quick glance up to see its been removed. Weird. He looks around and sees that no one is there except Sebastian and Jared who seem...a little too close to each other, as they sit in a booth smiling at each other. Dylan clears his throat and watches as their attention turns to him as they slightly move apart from each other. Dylan holds back a frown. Double weird. Putting on a fake smile, Dylan makes his way to the booth and sits on the other side of the two, grateful that he can see the door from his seated position. "Hey guys, what's up?" Dylan asks, making his voice cheery and upbeat. Jared gives him a somewhat nervous smile and Sebastian just gives a nod as always. "Um, nothing much," Jared mumbles, which is unusual for him, since once you asked him a question about his day he can never stop talking. Something's definitely going on, Dylan thinks as he watches the men across from him. He turns his attention away from his best friend and to his brother. "Sebastian, what about you?" Sebastian shrugs and sighs. "Honestly, I've been doing the same thing day after day, nothing's changed," Sebastian rumbles. Dylan couldn't help but feel as if that last part that Sebastian said was a lie. He opens his mouth to say something about lying, but a woman interrupts."Hi, my name is Trisha, how may I take your order?" Dylan frowns. Where did she come from? He looks over at the men across from him, his frown deepening as the look of horror crosses Jared's face and amusement in Sebastian's. Though it's quickly wiped away when they realize he's looking. An urge to slam his hand on the table and demand what was going on fills Dylan, though he quickly suppresses it. "Yeah, you guys, what do want?" Jared snaps out his stupor and orders coffee, black, a blueberry muffin, a banana muffin and a pecan muffin. Sebastian just orders a glass of whiskey while Dylan orders a puff pastry and a BLT since he hadn't anything to eat since yesterday and because he was craving something sweet.

Once the woman gets their orders she quickly makes her way to the kitchen and the sound of pots and pans clashing reaches their ears, though it's faint. Dylan turns his attention to the two fibbers in front of him. "You two seem like you've gotten closer," Dylan says casually. He watches as Jared stiffens, though Sebastian does nothing, but chuckle. "I have to admit that we have gotten closer, since we used to not speak to each other at all and now we do it almost 3 times a week. Surprised you can tell," Sebastian says, looking at Dylan directly in his eyes. Dylan relaxes slightly and shrugs his shoulders having nothing else to say. "So, how was your week." Dylan wanted to curse Sebastian for flipping the tables so quickly, but he lets it go. No reason to sweat about the secrets the men he grew up with are keeping from him. At least not yet. The woman comes back out with everyone's drinks and later comes back with their food. During that time Dylan explains how he fired his secretary and rants about how awful she was and how he wished he'd never hired her. He then explained how he's looking for one and realized how good it felt to get everything out. Sebastian then mentioned he also had a secretary he's thinking of getting rid of. There's nothing specifically wrong with her, it's just he doesn't have a good feeling about her and doesn't want her in his office anymore. They all finished their meal quickly, well except Jared who suddenly wasn't feeling good and didn't finish. Sebastian offered to drive him home and Jared took him on the offer and before Dylan knew it they were saying their goodbyes and they were each on their way home.

Something's going on between Sebastian and Jared, though and Dylan is going to find out what.  

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