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Today is Damien birthday and his ass came in the house last night beyond drunk

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Today is Damien birthday and his ass came in the house last night beyond drunk. If it wasn't his birthday I would of been mad as hell but he been behaving these last couple of months so I guess it's okay. It actually all kinda worked out because his car just got delivered and the workers finished his man cave for him last night. So he has a couple of surprises to wake up to. But first I have an appointment that I'm on my way to. I'm pregnant and I've been keeping it a secret I wanted to surprise Damien today with it and the gender. I'm glad he sleep so I could sneak out and come back without him noticing. I drove twenty minutes to my appointment and signed in and waited for the doctor.

"Alexis" the nurse called out for me I stood up and followed her back to the room today I get an ultrasound and hopefully I can find the gender out.

"Good morning Alexis how are you today?" Doctor Scott asked.

"I'm good overall only a little morning sickness other than that I'm great."

"That's good any pains"

"No everything is good"

"Okay so sit back and lift your shirt" I laid down and lift my shirt up and he placed the gel on my stomach. The baby heart beat was heard through out the room.

"Okay both babies looks to be doing well" I was confused. I looked at the screen and indeed it was two babies up there.

"Oh my gosh I'm beyond happy" I started crying I was so happy I can't wait to tell Damien.

"Did you get the blood results back to see the gender." He handed me a towel and I wiped the gel off my stomach while he looks on his computer.

"Yes" I was so excited I can't wait to show Damien this surprise I hope he don't pass out. I was walking to my car and on my way to the store to get some things so I could surprise Damien with this. As I'm walking in the store he calling me I knew his ass was gonna wake up soon.

"Yes baby" I said answering the phone.

"Where you at?"

"The store baby what's wrong"

"Come home I miss you plus I got a headache" I just laughed he such a baby when he doesn't feel well.

"I'll be there in 30 minutes what you want to eat?"

"You now come home baby"

"Oh my gosh Damien can you serious for one second baby" I laughed.

"Okay baby wings now hurry home"

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