67: Fighting For

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"Is this what you wanted, Y/N?"

Words are just and echo of sound that's an echo of air that's an echo of malice.

Of pain.

Herding you like a stubborn workhorse down the hall, your father's voice does nothing but bounce off your already hollow chest.

Your legs are moving on their own - your brain is far too gone to respond or give any commands to your actual body.

You've been shattered.

"What I wanted?" you ask vaguely, dreamily. "What I wanted? When have you cared?"

You wanted him.

You should've know from the start, though, that you can't have him. In hindsight, it's so fitting.

This is your life.

A taste of freedom, ripped away.

A glance of love, ruptured into shards.

The feel of family, obliterated by your fate.

If you had never come into their lives, Taehyung never would've been taken and torn. Jungkook would still be watching the world pass by with doe eyes black as ebony.

You don't care what happened in his past. His words from that day in the living room echo hauntingly in your mind.

Get to know me before you get to know who I was, okay?

You spent far too long worrying about who he used to be, and not acknowledging how you feel about who he is.

You love - loved Jeon Jungkook.

And if you had never loved Jeon Jungkook, he would still be happily alive with his family.

They wouldn't have you, but at least they'd still have each other.

The thought snaps inside you, vibrating violently against your insides.

This has taken 'too far' to another level. It isn't just you that you father's brought destruction and sorrow upon this time - it's the man you love, the family your adore.

This is 'too far'.

You dig your heels into the hallway's plush carpet like a stubborn donkey, using all your body weight to drag your father's progress to a stop.

Your family is shorn apart.

It's his fault.

With a sudden strength you didn't know you possessed, you rip your wrist from your father's grasp.

Boss Song spins on you, teeth gritted in annoyance.

"Stop this, Y/N," he hisses. "It's over. There's nothing left for you to fight for."

There is.

You don't run. Instead you launch yourself at your father.

The sudden attack takes him by surprise, and you both go sprawling. He's bigger than you, stronger, but you're a husk with a splintered heart that's barely even human anymore.

You have plenty to lose, and everything to fight for.

Your father tries to roll you off of him, but you slam a hard-knuckled fist into his vulnerable ribs and slam his right arm to the ground with your knee.

Adrenaline and pain are giving your body support as your claw, hit, and tear at any part of him you can reach, teeth clenched. You fist your hands in Boss Song's hair, lift his head up, and slam it back down as hard as you can.

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