four: snack

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A few days has passed since your incident and boy where you still fuming. You have not spoken to any of your friends and you could see how guilty they felt.

The only person you have been communicating with was jimin. You told him what had happened, wanting to get everything off your chest as jimin listened intently. While you were rambling on about your incident, you didn't notice jimin filming you and trying hard to suppress his giggles.

You both sat at the café were you met jimin and were he worked. Thankfully, he has the day off and you were happy to have him all to yourself just like you did when you were kids.

"Jimin are you listening to me?" You whined, slamming your hands on the table like a toddler. Jimin nodded profusely and gave you a thumbs up, his phone still in his hand filming you.

"Why did you have to hug him? I never thought of you as an affectionate person" jimin said, holding his phone more securely as if he was playing games on it.

"I am. Just not with you, you are very clingy. You know that right?"

"WA? Me!" Jimin shrieked, pointing at himself.

"YES! You were like a koala. You wouldn't let me go!" You said and watched how jimins face etched in shock.

"Well, I'm sorry if I liked cuddling with you!" Jimin said, waving his free had in the air dramatically and puffing out his cheeks and chest.

"You called that cuddling? You freaking strangled me, boi!" You teased and laughed when jimin punched your arm lightly. You noticed a small pout approaching his lips and you just died.

He still had you, even when you were a kid, he had you wrapped around his small man pinky. You were a sucker for jimins pouting and large eyes. Jimin knew this and stuck out his lower lip more, enlarging his eyes slightly.

"Why you doing this to me?" you shrieked, clutching your chest and squeezing your eyes closed. "Doing what?" Jimin asked innocently. You looked away from Jimin. You knew you would give in and squeeze his cheeks, but you would not give in to this cute boys charm.

Instead, you ruffled the boys head and continued your previous conversation. "So, back to why I wanted to hug namjoon." You said, gaze still on the table as you played with your empty mug.

Jimin grinned, he knew he still got it. He will let it go, for now. "He looked so ethereal, the way he walked, I swear I felt like I was in a movie. Everything was so slow and god, did he look sexy."

"But, why did you have the urge to hug him? You know most movies I've watched the girl would always just stand frozen and think dirty thoughts. You on the other hand didn't" jimin laughed and switched off his phone.

"I don't know! I mean, he just- how do I explain? I just felt so drawn to him, like I was hypnotized. You know how you feel drawn to babies or puppies, just so cute. That's how I felt being drawn to namjoon" you explained and jimin placed a hand under his chin.

"I thought you said namjoon was sexy not cute" jimin said and chuckled

"His sexy-cute"

Jimin sighed, "The duality"

"Why do you like him anyway? He laughed at you when that dude fell on you."

"When you meet him you'll know" you said stirring your empty cup with your spoon. Jimin rolled his eyes and watched you take your book out of your bag.

Jimin was surprised you still  read. He remembered how you always use to read to him, he struggled reading at that time but you always encouraged him to read and not give up because others discouraged him. If it was not for you, jimin would had hate reading, but because of you he forced himself to do it.

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