Chapter 15

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When Sebastian opens his eyes, he's faced with a wonderful sight. In front of him Jared lay, eyes closed, beautiful lashes brushing his pale cheeks and his lips, o so pink, it made him think of a raspberry, all nice and juicy. He has the urge to bite them. So he does. Reaching down Sebastian grips Jared's lip between his teeth and bites down. The yelp that reaches his ears cause him to smile. Teeth still trapping Jared's lip, Sebastian looks up at Jared's sleepy eyes that are looking down at him in surprise, though there's a bit of arousal in those brown orbs, that causes Sebastian to bite down harder. Jared moans and Sebastian smirks, before pulling away and catches a glance at the small tent in the covers. Sebastian's smirk widens. "Well my little masochist, I'm going to take a shower. You gonna join me?" Sebastian asks. Jared gets up so fast, Sebastian has to hold in a laugh.

Quickly, Jared walks pass him and turns on the shower, while Sebastian opens the bathroom closet and pulls out a pair of towels and washcloths. He sets them on the closed toilet seat and looks over finding Jared in the shower, waiting for him excitingly. With a smile and shake of his head Sebastian walks over and gets into the shower, sliding the glass door closed behind him. "Someone's eager," Sebastian teases. Jared blushes and gives him a sheepish smile, and Sebastian laughs. Jared pouts, crossing his arms over his chest. Sebastian laughs again and Jared's pout deepens. "Aww baby," Sebastian coos. He brings his hand up to caress his cheek, but Jared dodges his touch, narrowly missing the spray of the shower. "Don't touch me you, you meanie." Sebastian has to fight the urge to coos and his child-ish behavior, instead grabbing Jared's hips and smashing his body against his. He heard Jared's breath hitch and a slow smile spread across his face. Gently, he pecks Jared's lip, before going to his neck and kissing it until he came to the crook of Jared's neck. Jared moans as his arms fall to Sebastian's sides, gripping onto him. Sebastian sucks his neck harshly, before moving up and down Jared's neck sucking and biting, Jared's moans music to his ears. Once, he's satisfied, Sebastian releases Jared's neck with a loud 'pop' and take a look at the marks on Jared's skin. "Do you feel better babe," Sebastian asks, giving Jared a slow sensual kiss. He releases Jared's lip and looks at his face that looks dazed. Sebastian chuckles and opens the shower door and quickly grabs the washcloths, before closing the shower door and putting a generous amount of Jared's body wash on one of the clothes. It's not until Sebastian begins washing Jared, that Jared snaps out his stupor. He goes for the washcloth, but Sebastian moves it out the way and continues washing him. Jared blushes. "I-I can do it," He stutters. Sebastian glances at Jared's embarrassed expression and leans in, his mouth at Jared's ear. "O, but I'd rather do it." Jared shivered and Sebastian brings the washcloth down Jared's body and wraps it around his cock. Jared moans.


Slowly, Sebastian moves his hand. Back and forth. Jared moans and bucks his hips, silently urging Sebastian to go faster but his pace doesn't increase. "Sebastian please," Jared cries. Sebastian laughs and looks up at Jared's frustrated expression. "Aww baby," Sebastian coos. "You gonna have to beg me to come." Still looking up at him, Sebastian stops moving his hand, smiling when Jared lets out a child-ish whine and even stomp his foot. "Sebastian please," Jared breathes. Sebastian's hand still doesn't move. Jared puffs out his cheek and looks Sebastian in his eyes. "Please Sebastian, move you hand, jerk me off, make me cum, please. Please Daddy." If Sebastian's hard on didn't bother him then, it bothered him now and as much as he wanted to burry himself inside of Jared's tight heat, they had some shopping to do. Instead, he drops the washcloth and grips Jared's cock and pumps it. Jared moans and Sebastian bends down and latches onto Jared's nipple, sucking and nipping until he begins to feel Jared's dick throb. Sebastian picks up his pace as Jared continuously moans out his please. "Sebastian," Jared cries. Sebastian continues to switch his attention to each of his nipples when he releases on to look up at Jared's face. He's about to cum. "Yes, babe." Jared whines and withers against the shower wall. "I'm...I'm gonna cum!" Sebastian laughs and quickens his pace and he hears Jared's breath pick up. Jared's moans groan louder and just as Sebastian see's he's at his peak he lets go. Jared lets out a high pitch whine and looks at Sebastian, almost if he's about to cry. "Why did you stop," Jared cries out. Sebastian smiles and picks up the washcloth, squeezing some more soap on it and once again continuing to wash Jared's body. "You never asked me to cum." 

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