Chapter 18 - Even Knights Need Queens

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8th May 2311 18:30 EST - Despite being planet-side for a few days, the Blue Raven's still needed to undergo various tests and debriefs before being allowed R&R.

As Jason stood outside Donnelly's room dressed in a smart civilian uniform he felt butterflies in his stomach, a small sense of anxiety he had never felt before.

He had come to greatly respect his colleague as they had trained together, fought together, and conspired together, but he had also come to see the woman behind the military facade. She was smart, witty, beautiful and fun to be around.

Jason shook his head. Despite this being a bet that he had won, it was also an opportunity to talk business away from the prying eyes of Colonel El-Hadji.

The last mission had to be discussed. At best the orders were illegal, at worst they would defy the Geneva convention. The very rules that keep humanity's military organisations in check.

Therefore, whatever strange and incomprehensible feelings Jason may be feeling for Donnelly, they were inappropriate and a distraction.

He waved his hand at the door to indicate his arrival.

Within moments the door slid open to reveal a sight that left him breathless.

Donnelly stood there in a long flowing red dress that stretched all the way to the floor while her sleeveless top flaunted her slightly tanned flawless arms.

She brushed a strand of her long flowing dusty brown hair from her shoulder. Jason smiled, and a giddiness flowed through his body leaving him feeling like he was floating. He had never seen her hair-free due to the very nature of their job, always tied up carefully to avoid distractions, but the sight of her now seemed to send a sense of release and calmness to her face.

Donnelly's smile seemed to make her deep brown eyes shine bright. It wasn't until that moment that Jason realised he was probably standing there like an idiot with his mouth wide open.

"Something the matter, Jason?" She chuckled.

Jason brushed the side of his hair. "Uh... no... no of course not." He blushed.

His childish behaviour seemed to make her smile even more.

As Jason took a hold of her hand he carefully led her to their transportation. Sitting inside the Europan hovercar the doors slid down and glided them out to join the thousands of other vehicles already streaming from various locations around the Europan skyline.

Jason smiled like a school kid as the automated car glided them towards their destination. He was simply speechless at his counterpart's appearance. As he realised the silence was a little painful he shouted out a little too enthusiastically "News."

Donnelly chuckled as the top news displayed on the car screens in front of them. "Have you never been on a date before?"

"Yes... I mean no... sorry, I just wasn't expecting you to go all out for this."

"Why not?" Donnelly replied, "This is a date after all."

Jason smiled at the date confirmation. He relaxed a little bit in his seat, feeling more at ease with the situation.

The two of them continued chatting as the car carried on its course. It wasn't until a news article grabbed their attention that their conversation flow stopped.

"The inquest into the death of Senator Cartwright-Evans was concluded today. The Senator's pleasure cruiser had been found drifting around Titan orbit with the entire crew dead on board. The inquest confirmed that pirates had infiltrated the craft and executed everyone on board. Various celebrities and statesmen have come forward to express their condolences on such a tragic affair. General Richard von Striken, Senator Cartwright-Evans' closest rival in the Europan elections had this to say."

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