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"I want justice" said Zeena

"Calm down..." Uncle George tried to calm her down but, she is throwing a fit, like a brat she is.

"No" Zeena screamed, geez did she forget we werewolves have sensitive hearings, apparently she has.

Lucy, on other hand calmly gazing out the lush forest; channelling her energy to stay calm, not to slam Zeena into the nearest wall. All are gathered her eldest brother the current alpha, her father, uncle and Zeena and her son, who is pulling the innocent act but, falling miserably. He is healed, almost, it is something, I'm glad Jed didn't made him unconscious.

"I don't get it?" Zeena exclaimed "it's not even the week and her brat created the nuisance, and near killed my son and you want me to calm down, dad why aren't you saying something?." Now she turned to daddy dearest. How convenient? Lucy thought in her head.

Finally had enough whining of her Lucy turned around and finally spoke "well if you let someone else speak, they definitely will do, so cut all the whining you been doing, because let's face it Zeena no one wants to listen to the whiner, it so over rated."

"You..." Zeena wanted to say something but Lucy beat her to it.

"Save the insults Zeena, your pea sized brain needs to rest" Lucy calmly addressed her "and what were you saying about my brat creating nuisance? Huh; well I'm disappointed he didn't plumped yours to death, because we all know that when ones mate in danger every alpha wolf go raging in anger but, I'm proud too he stopped"

"What?" exclaimed my brother now his eyes in slits watching sander who is squirming in his seat "is this true?" his question directed towards him now.

"And apparently the kid being bullied in pack, by him and his stupid friends from sometime now." Lucy added, still pointedly looking at Zeena, whose eyes are in slits watching her.

"You have grown quite the attitude in these past twenty years." Zeena said "don't forget whose territory you are on"

"As far as my memory served you don't live here either" Lucy sniped back

"Thread carefully Lucy, I might bite" Zeena said invading her personal space

Lucy smirked "well then let me warn you, I might bite harder" with she moved towards the door but, stopped and turned to say "I reckon you will look into this matter alpha, because in my eyes a wolf just protected his mate and hopefully this time atleast justice will be served" last part she said looking straight into her father eyes, who haven't peeped a word in this no point meeting.

On the other hand still in hospital Jordy together with his little brother getting to know the twins, especially his mate Jedrck; indeed a manly name which suited him very well. But, still he is vary of them, on the other side his brother Julio is smitten by the twins, especially Antalia, together they are devil duos, that's what he is going to call them from now on, and no they don't need to know that.

Opening of the door caught their attention and slid Lucy, mother of twins with small smile on her lips and sat quietly on the vacant chair and asked him "how are you feeling now Jordy?"

"Better than before ma'am" Jordy replied shyly

"Oh cut the ma'am thing, just call me Lucy" Lucy said kindly to him "if you don't mind me asking; where your parents are? Surely they should be here by now"

Jordy felt quite didn't know how to answer her question her, sooner or later they are going to know anyway; so why not now? "Huh; well you see our parents passed away few years back, four to be exact so now Julio and I live in pack orphanage" and he know his mate also listened to it intently, Jordy internally prepared for rejection, who wants orphaned mate with little brother as baggage but, what he listened stunned him to core "well you have me now, us I mean and you two are going to be living with us from now on, so will you excuse me again so that I can arrange them to come and stay with us, and get their stuff from their place" with that Lucy was out of the room to another milestone to reach.

"Your mother is something else" Jordy said, no one in particular.

"That she is" replied Antalia "and soon to be your mum to as you are mated to this duffs' here" causing Jordy to blush and his mate rolling his eyes at his twin, while Julio broke into happy jiggle knowing they finally belonged with the family, after so long.

Lucy again knocked on her brothers office door and entered the office finding her brother doing some paperwork and looked up to see Lucy on his office door, and beckoned her to take a seat, which Lucy gladly took it. This time it was Aaron who broke the silence "second time in row, Lucy what's the occasion?"

"Well I would go along with your teasing but, those days are long gone Alpha" Lucy stated flatly, making Aaron flinch from her tone "I just came here to get your permission."

"My permission for what" Aaron looked at her confused

"Well my son I mated with one of your pack member and his name is Jordy Angston" Lucy said "and it came to my notice that he along with his little brother living in pack's orphanage"

"And why you need my permission for?" Aaron asked again

"Well I need them to come and live me from now on and then, when our time here is up they will be leaving with us permanently" Lucy said all with the straight face.

"And what if I refuse" Aaron asked cautiously.

Lucy smiled coyly "well then I would say you will be committing the biggest mistake Alpha, separating two mates. I wonder what will council say"

"you have changed, a lot" Aaron stated "well then who I am to separate mates, they will shift with you guys end on this day fully"

"well thanks for your time alpha" Lucy said getting to take her leave.

"Aaron" Aaron said

"What" Lucy asked?

"It's Aaron for you, not alpha" Aaron said looking straight into her eyes "my family calls me Aaron not alpha"

"Funny" Lucy said "am I your family?"

"Aren't you?" Aaron replied back with question

"Doesn't feel like it" Lucy said "last I checked I have none" with last scorching look she continued her trek to the office door, before it burst open with one of pack warriors out of breath, wheezed out "vampires on pack lands" which was enough for both her brother and Lucy to spring into action and both in few minutes, were standing in front of the pack house and there stood three vampires and Lucy immediately remembered the middle one and so does, her brother who mumbled, "what the hell is he doing here; and that to after so long" to himself.

They both took step forward to each other and by now, may pack member surrounded them and so does her father and Uncle George, and when they were only few steps away from eachother Lucy breathed

"Emilio Rave"



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