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I don't why I did this stupid thing.
I'm not sure if it's because I was so angry of that worker of mine. But whatever that is I don't like it.

Flashback (for the first time lol)

I just came in the building but I think that I still can do my work.

I entered the elevator and hurriedly push the button of my floor. I opened my office and start opening my PC.

Half an hour later while I'm typing there's a knock outside. I just tell the person to come while I'm busily typing the documents that I need to be done now.

'hey you just came back?'


'where did you gone to?'

'what's it to you?'

'ahh I see your gone to your daughter'

I stop typing when I heard her it's not a question but a statement. I find it weird so I look at her blankly.

' I see being a dog again smelling gossips is your best asset huh'

' YOU!'

'what? I'm just stating the obvious here'

'heh. No wonder your daughter despised you. Your such a b*tch who can't even care for her own child. Selfish b*tch!'

'thanks for reminding me that I'm a b*tch so you better not tell me what to about being a mother and shut the f*cking hell up!'

'shameless your really shameless just wait when the time comes karma will get you back. As for your daughter I pity her because she had a mother like you'

And she walked out. Huh. Who does she think she is to tell me that.


I snapback to reality when I realised that we're here. I looked back then saw her walking slowly towards me.

I sighed and open the door.

" Change. Then we will eat"


I stared at the child's back then stride towards the kitchen. I just heat up the foods then prepare it at the table.

I sat in the chair and I was deep in the thoughts about what happened earlier.

I was startled when she sits in front of me and begins to eat silently. I was staring at her and felt the nostalgia rushing inside me. She exactly looks just like me but when I looked into her expressionless eyes I'm scared so I just looks away and started eating my food silently.

She must felt that I'm being weird today but I'm relieved that she didn't ask me about it cause even I can't understand what's going on with me.

"I'm done I will sleep now"


"Umm.. "



I was surprised of what I heard then I look at her but she's in the stairs already.

But I manage to reply faintly.



This is the first double update hope you like it:-).


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