Chapter: 75

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(Still Jin pov)

I saw Y/N and.. Assiah.

They were both in the air fighting/ yelling.

But something was "very" off about Y/N.

She had wings and a tail.. almost like a devil.

I felt someone poke my right arm.

Jungkook: Hyung what happened to Y/N?

Jin: i don't know....

Rm: i can sense a lot of anger from her, what could've happened when we were locked in there?!

Jimin: Jin you seemed to look surprised for some reason.

Jin: when? Where?

Jimin: that other women.. do you know her?

Jin:.. no of course not.

Suga: you know your almost a as bad liar as J-Hope.

Jin: i'm serious!

Rm: guys now is not the time! We need to find a way to help Y/N.

Jin: eh.. Y/N doesn't look like she is herself.. maybe we should help that women to calm Y/N down?

V: she doesn't look like she is calming her down... more like beating up.

Jin: you know damn well what i mean!

Suga: i don't think she needs our help any time soon.

We looked up at where the two were.

Assiah (Y/N's mother) had her hand.. inside Y/N's chest.

Jungkook: ehh is that calming someone down to you Jin?

Y/N fell to the ground but i quickly managed to catch her before hitting the floor.

The others quickly gathered around me.

Assiah came down as well.

She stood a few meters away from us and Y/N.

Assiah: It's nice seeing you all again, how much you've all grown.. it's beautiful to see.

Jimin: what is she talking about?

Jungkook looked at me.

Jungkook: do we have a mother that i don't know about?

Assiah: oh right.. i forgot about that..

Rm: about what?

She didn't answer.

She slowly walked towards us and Y/N.

She wanted to kneel down in front of me and Y/N but Rm and Suga stopped her.

Assiah: its alright, i don't mean to harm her.

Rm: what was all that up there then?

Assiah: she was possessed.. by her own power.

Assiah: i was trying to help her so please.. let me finish it.

Suga looked at Rm to see if it was alright to let her through.

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