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Woah. What was that earlier I'm starting to think that my mom is really insane.

She's also confusing. Her actions is.

There's a day that she will pretend that she cares for me, not that I care about if she's genuine with that but
there is really a time that I wish she just didn't exist in my life at all.

Whatever, I'm sleepy so I'll call this a night. I wonder what will happen to me tomorrow.


There is already a streak of light when I opened my eyes.Morning. It's morning now but I don't feel moving at all maybe because this is the first time I had a wonderful sleep well, this is so new to me.

I decided to finally get up and fix my bed before I go to shower.

Music. I heard  the music downstairs which is so good but again new to me.
When I'm finally downstair I saw her, my mom sitting on the couch and reading? This is really not her.

Am I still dreaming? I pinched my arm. Ouch! that hurts.

So No I'm not dreaming then why?

I have so many questions in mind thay I didn't noticed that she turn her attention to me then she said the word that she never said to me before.

"Morning".  Yes I know that it was a short greeting but it made me warm inside but only just a little. A little.

"Morning too"  After that she turn her attention to her book again. I felt it again. Hope. I hope that everyday will be just like this. Normal.

I stride towards the table for breakfast then starts eating silently. I'm sure that this moment will not be longer than I hope would be. But, that's completely fine by me I'm not comfortable to this setting anyway.
I'm not used to her being a mother to me. I was startled when she clears her throat. So I turn my attention to her.

"I don't have a work today so I'm gonna go and leave. Your fine by yourself anyway"

"Yeah.......... So.........why are you doing this again?"

"No reason just do whatever you want then I'm gonna go"


Then she turned her back towards me I don't understand myself why I want to clutch to her back and stop her from leaving. But I refrained myself from doing that and continue eating.

She finally left so I'm all alone in this house. I decided to walk towards kell's house. I knocked to their door, then wait till she opens the door. Their house is simple but beautiful. She opens the door and smile to me with her signature gummy smile. I wish that I could smile like that too.

" Hey C! What brings you here? Sad? Oh! I miss you tooo so muchhhh!" this girl is too much I don't even know why I'm friends with this weirdo.

"Whatever kell"  I said to her as I roll my eyes. I walked past her like I own the house. The cozy atmosphere fill me it was so nice.

"So, did your mom FINALLY kick your butt or not?"

"Surprisingly no but I'm close to kicking your butt"

"Still as sharp as ever C well anyways your welcome here you can come whenever you want. By the way mom is not here so we have the house! For 3 hours can you believe it!"

"Yeah suit yourself. I came here to tell you that my mom is so weird today"  I said it to her seriously. Then she started to laugh her a** off like crazy. She finally stops laughing then stare at me unbelievably.

"Just today? C your mom is like the weirdest woman I ever met except for my mother of course HAHAHAHA"

"Very FUNNY kell"

"Yeah it's FUNNY C say it again HAHAHAHA"

I just rolled my eyes for the second time but a small smile is placed to my lips. Sure this girl is crazy but I love her because of it. She's the only friend that I allowed past my walls so I'm hoping that she won't leave me.

Just like my mother does every time.


Longest chapter so far! But I hope you like it :-) thanks for those who reads and will read this story.


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