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This one goes back in time a little bit to when Bucky first comes to live in the new Avengers Facility.


• August 2, 2015 •

It had been a month since Ultron's rise and fall. It had been Brenna's first real mission as an Avenger. And after successfully saving the world, the Avengers decided to leave the Tower. Ultron had nearly destroyed it in his first days, and Tony had an idea as to where they could move. It used to be an old warehouse of his, but was turned into a new Avengers Facility in upstate New York.

However, the events in Sovokia proved to be a bit too much for some of the team. Bruce disappeared after the battle, and Clint went home to be with his family. Thor left Earth to investigate the infinity stones' sudden appearances. Even Tony wanted to take time off. But Brenna didn't. She was like Steve and Natasha, not wanting to stop until she had no choice.

Although her father didn't like it, Brenna moved to the new facility, and he remained in the Tower with Pepper. It would became the Stark Tower again, and he had a lot of work to do to get it back up and running. Of course, Brenna would visit whenever she had time, but her home was now with the Avengers.

Somehow, Bucky had gotten wind of this move. Probably because he was constantly keeping a distant eye on Brenna. He hadn't visited for a couple of weeks, but that was about to change; everything was about to change. He was ready.

After packing up his few belongings from the two star hotel room he'd been staying in, Bucky left. He flagged down a taxi and was on his way.

• • •

Brenna was watching a movie with Steve on this evening. It wasn't often that they would spend time together just relaxing. Normally, they would bond over training together. But it was a nice change in pace to just relax with some coffee and watch a film.

"Cap, we've got a situation," Sam's voice suddenly echoed in the lavish living room.

Steve and Brenna turned to see the Falcon peaking into the living room. His face held a deadly serious look, and his eyes were alert. Brenna mentally prepared herself for a mission. "What is it?" Steve asked, coming to his feet.

"Um," Sam began awkwardly. He paused for a moment, gaze flickering from Steve, to Brenna, and back again. "You might just wanna..come out front."

Eyebrows drawn down in suspicion, Steve began to march after Sam. Brenna scurried behind them, as well, wanting to see what was going on. Her breath hitched when she reached the entrance with the two men. Outside, a taxi was driving off, leaving behind it's passenger. Bucky. He stood a distance from the facility, bookbag on his shoulders, a dufflebag in his metal hand. His eyes were glued to the three that stood just outside of the entrance now.

Bucky wasn't the only one frozen in place. Time seemed to freeze for everyone. Steve swallowed hard, his eyes glistening with tears. Sam was just tense in not knowing if Bucky's return was good or bad. Everyone was waiting for someone else to make the first move. Finally, Brenna did. She walked over to the Winter Soldier in a bit of a rush, wasting no time in throwing her arms around his neck.

Dropping the dufflebag, Bucky hugged her back, burrowing his face into her neck. Brenna could feel his rapid heart beat and the nervous shaking of his hands on her back. She wanted to kiss him right there, but Sam and Steve had no idea that they'd been secretly meeting for the past year. No one knew how close the two had become. So their reuniting need to look exactly as it was expected by the others to look.

"I figured it was time," Bucky whispered to his love. Brenna laughed and let him go, looking up at him with joyous, gold eyes.

"Bucky.." Steve trailed off. The two had been so focused on each other that they hadn't noticed Steve approach. Sam, however, had gone back inside; likely to inform the others of Bucky's arrival.

Taking a step away from Bucky, Brenna smiled, watching Steve with anticipation. "What are you doing here?" Steve asked in wonder.

Bucky met his gaze with an apologetic look in his eyes. "..I've been taking some time to get my memories back," Bucky announced, a small smile on his face.

Finally, Steve smiled. He pulled Bucky into a strong hug. The Winter Soldier was shocked at first, but eased himself into the hug. This was his best friend, after all. "It's good to have you back, Buck," Steve stated, releasing his friend.

Brenna frowned for a moment. She looked from Steve to Bucky and asked hesitantly, "you are back..right? You're gonna stay?"

Bucky looked down to her with a soft smile. "If that's alright," he answered, turning his gaze to Steve again, "I think it's time for me to start making right everything I've done wrong."

"Of course it's alright," Brenna blurted out before the captain could speak.

Steve raised his eyebrows at her, but didn't argue. His smile remained as he picked up Bucky's dufflebag and began to lead them inside. "Well, you heard the lady," he affirmed with a smirk.

Brenna fell back to walk beside Bucky. She grabbed hold of his flesh hand and nuzzled his side while no one was watching. "Welcome home, Bucky," she whispered to him.


It wasn't the building, but her. She was his home. Because no matter where he went, it was next to Brenna where he found peace. So he would live under the roof of the new compound, in the building that housed the remaining Avengers. But it was Brenna Stark who would make this place his home.

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