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The same night

"Zena don't fucking start right now you getting on my nerves." I really been changing working hard on my anger and temper but Zena about to catch these hands bruh.

"I don't give a fuck about getting on your nerves. Why did you have her in our house you know I don't like that bitch"

"Bitch this my house and secondly call her a bitch again and I will slap yo dumbass" I'm tired of her disrespecting Alexis. She has no reason as to why she don't like Alexis. I don't even love Zena to be honest I'm only with her because Alexis don't want me. Especially now since she has moved on and her and the guy is clearly serious.

"Why you always taking up for her I'm your girl not her"

"Look I don't feel like talking about this shit" I walked away and went to check on the kids. My princess was knocked out in her room. Then I went to go check on the boys they was finally asleep. Both of them was sprawled out on the bed. I shook my head at them the boys were so closed they bond was crazy. Then I went to check on the baby me and Zena son Kannon. I love all my kids don't get me wrong they are my life but I didn't want to have kids with no one else but Alexis. I mean I didn't even make Zena get a DNA test because at that point I was just trying to get over Alexis. I'm clearly not over her but I know she don't want me I mean I don't blame her. I just wish Zena stop all this nagging I just want me and her relationship to work right now because I clearly never getting back with Alexis she moved on.

"No Damien we need to talk about this. It's not right and you know it" I just looked at her because I really don't even understand why she still talking.

"Zena imma be honest you pushing me away with all this nagging man. Alexis haven't done shit to you but you continue to disrespect her. She doesn't talk about you and I'm not gonna let you talk about her. I have four kids with her and we have a child together as well you need to chill off her. She in her own relationship she not worried about me okay so relax. My kids wanted to see her today to give her they gifts they got for her. I didn't think it was a problem she doesn't see me in any way other than co-parenting. You are gonna have to eventually hash whatever your problem is with her because if you want this relationship to work you will do that. She is not going no where and if you plan on staying in this relationship then you will respect her otherwise pack yo shit and get going. I don't need y'all to keep going back and forth because you have a silly ass problem with her. Stop acting immature and get it together the shit is not attractive and you honestly turning me off to the point where I don't even want to work this relationship out. Get it together this my last time telling you." I just had to get that off my chest Zena don't like Alexis for no got damn reason it's pathetic. Alexis don't bother no one she always willing to work it out no matter what as long as everyone happy she will do it. Zena getting on my damn nerves she got one more thing to say about Alexis and she gon be single as hell.

"Alright baby I'm sorry it's just that I feel like you don't love me like you love her. I see it you still love her and I feel like you just in this relationship because she doesn't want you. I'm sorry for disrespecting her but what you expect me to do. You literally take up for her and not for me. I just want to know do you really want this relationship or not because I'm not going to just get string along until you find love" she absolutely right I don't love Zena I'm definitely using her.

"To be honest Zena I don't love you at all. I will never love any women but Alexis. I apologize if I played with your feelings but you was just there when I needed someone. I did like you a lot and first but when you started disrespecting Alexis it made me unlike you very fast. I've cheated on you multiple times I'm not even attracted to you anymore. I really am sorry but we should just let this little fling go I need to work on myself. Maybe once I get my self together then I can be good to you other than that we need to be parents to our son Kannon." The look on her face I could tell I just broke her heart but I was being honest. I don't love her I never did. She was just there for me when me and Alexis really called it quits. I've been sleeping around on Zena this whole time I've never been faithful to her. She actually annoys the hell out of me but I only put up with it for Kannon sake and mines. After Alexis I felt like I was missing a piece of some and I was willing to take anything to fill in that void.

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