The Beginning Of The End ( 44 )

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I waved goodbye to Kyra as the others and I walked out of the Ancient Library. The hot desert heat greeted us harshly when we opened the door. The blistering sun blinded me before my eyes could adjust to the sudden light.

Abruptly Athena's large form come into view and blocked the sun and casting a cool shadow over us.

"Welcome, back rider", Athena greeted.

I smiled and walked up to her. She lowed her nose and nuzzled me. I held her large head in my hands as I hugged her back.

A loud thud drew my attention from Athena back to the old library door. The wooden door had closed on its own once all of us had exited. Then the old door crumbled into pale yellow sand.

Ty gave the order to mount up and we all did in almost perfect sync, the expectation being Roy who kicked off the ground a little too hard and fell off the opposite side of Aurora.

We tried to hide our laughs as Roy tried to mount again. Luckily, this time he didn't fall off.

With all of us on our dragons, Ty and Raikou jumped into the air. We all followed in suit.

With Ty leading us we made our way to the place I always dreamed of going. The one and only Disney World.

I use to beg my father to take me there. However, he was never willing to take me. It's a place for children, not young ladies like yourself. We have a reputation to keep and I won't have you ruin it he would always say to me.

As a child, I gave up on my hopes to go but I still wanted to go. Going now should make me happy inside. Yet as we near Orlando my heart grew heavy in my chest, knowing who we would meet there.

Athena seemed to sense what I was feeling as she tried to comfort me.

"Everything will be alright, Larisa. You don't have to worry."

"How can you be so sure?"

"I have faith."


"Yes. In you, and the others of course, but I know you will do great. That's why I chose you as my rider."

"But I'm not nearly as strong as Ty or even that smart. How can I?"

"True strength doesn't come from lifting weights. True strength comes from lifting yourself up when the worlds determined to keep you down."

"Where did you get that one from?"

"Nowhere that was all me. But in all seriousness, I know you are strong. All that's left is for you to see it too."

I went quiet as I pondered her words. Before I knew it serval hours had pasted and the desert heat had long since faded and was replaced with a cool ocean breeze as we crossed over the Atlantic.

I flew closer to the ocean and shut out my hand to feel the cool waters. The strong beats of Athena's wings created wake lines behind us.

I couldn't help but giggle as water droplets doted my face.

I was soon joined by Raikou and Ty by the ocean's surface. He smiled brightly at me as he flew by my side.

Playfully I guided Athena closer to Raikou nudging his wings with Athenas'.

Ty laughed at me before smirking playfully at me.

He gracefully ball rolled over me and Athena and glided softly on the other side of us.

I raised my eyebrows at his wordless challenge. 

Athena accepted his challenge by shotting up high into the sky in one mighty flap from her wings.

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