Chapter 45 - Happy

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Roseanne West

10 months later..

"Babe.. have you seen my harddisk?" I asked Ares because I couldn't find it.

"Have you check your laptop bag or maybe your work bag?" He answered from the room. I quickly walked to the kitchen because I put my bag there earlier when I got home. I checked my bag and I found it.

I just got home from an important meeting. Just like I said around 10 months ago that I promised that I will reveal myself if I'm done writing my new book. Tomorrow will be the publishing day and they already prepared a meet and greet.

I was so nervous and they gave me all the details into my harddisk so I need to go all of that tonight. Ares still don't know that I'm Elena Parker and I'm planning to drag him to tomorrow's event because I want him to hear everything.

My relationship with Ares is amazing. He's still the sweetest and I trust him 1000%. He asked me to move in with him and of course I said yes because why not?

"Did you find it?" Ares asked as he gave me a back hug.

"Yeah.. will you come with me tomorrow?"

"Of course! I want to see who's Elena Parker." He said and he kissed my cheek.

"So.. what do you want for dinner?" He asked as he walked towards the fridge.

"I thought you're going out with Josh and Mason?"

"I'm going to grab your dinner after that so tell me what you want." I sat on the chair and he turned to me drinking his apple juice.

"You." I said and he choked right away. He quickly ran to the sink and coughed his ass off. I laughed and he turned to me.

"Not funny, Rosie. I almost die.." He said dramaticly and I smirked winking at him.

"I want pizza." I said and he looked at me glaring.

"Don't do that again.. it's not funny to make sexual jokes when I'm eating or drinking, honey." He said and he looked at the clock.

"I'll be going now." He said and I nodded. He gave me a kiss on my cheek and bid his goodbyes. After he left, I got into the shower to freshen up because it's been a long day. I had a lot of meetings and it's not fun.

I'm so nervous for tomorrow and I don't know why I decided to do this. Not only that I'm revealing myself for the fanmeeting tomorrow but there's a couple of press who decided attend tomorrow. Carrie told me yesterday that it's better for me to tell Ares first instead pf just surprising him tomorrow which I know it's a great idea but I'm debating about it now.

Carrie told me that he deserves to know it from me instead of knowing it suddenly tomorrow. He's my boyfriend and I know I'm going to have a future with him and in Carrie's eyes it's not fair at all. She said that Ares won't get mad about it and she believes that he will be so proud and supportive but does he deserve to know this with other people?

She has a point though..

That's why after the meeting earlier, I'm planning to tell him after he's done having dinner with the boys. I love Ares even though he never heard that straight from my mouth and I think he deserves to know about it before I officially announce everything tomorrow.

Not only that I will tell him about Elena Parker.. I'm going to tell him that I love him too. I've been waiting for the right moment to say this even though it's damn hard for me to say that word.

4 months ago.. on my 6th month anniversary with him, he surprised me with a trip to Hawaii. It was so amazing and he told me that he loves me there. My heart blew up when I heard him saying that beautiful words. I told him that I was not ready to say it to him yet but I know one day I will. He said me being with him is enough which I know it's not fair on his side.

I sat on the sofa looking at the run down for tomorrow and I looked at the questions that the MC will ask me tomorrow so I can answer it without being so nervous. I sat down with Eden and Morty laying beside me. I patted them both as I went through the questions.

3 hours have passed and I heard Ares come home after dinner. The dogs ran towards him and I put down my laptop to greet him.

"Babe, I got your pizza." Ares said and I smiled looking at him.

"Thankyou.. and how's your dinner?"

"It was good but I'm not full yet so I'm going to dig in this pizza with you." He said and he gave me a peck on my lips.

"Oh honey.. what did you eat?" I chuckled.

"Mason ordered a lobster for 3 of us. He's crazy.." Ares complained and I laughed. He put the pizza at the kitchen table and opened it. I washed my hands and immediately take one.

I jumped to sit on the kitchen table and Ares took one slice too. He stood beside me and after taking a bite, I looked at him seriously.

"Ares, I have something to tell you." I said and he turned to me raising his eyebrows. He took a bite and gestured me to say whatever I'm going to say.

"I'm Elena Parker." I said and Ares looked at me blinking a couple of times. He didn't say anything and I'm freaking waiting for him to react or to say something.

"Uhmm Ares?" I asked as I put down my pizza.

"Wow.. that took you 10 months huh?" My eyes widen and I looked at him disbelief.

"You knew?"

"How can I not?" He smiled as he put down his pizza.


"I found out about it when you fell asleep in front of your laptop. You were writing and I kinda figuring out about it after that. You said some of the lines in real life too, babe." He said as I wiped his hands.

"Why did you ask me about it?" I'm still.. a little shocked.

"Well I want to wait for you to tell me because I know that you have your reasons why you keep it away from me." He said as he pulled my legs to circle around his hips.

"Really?" I asked in a small tone.

"Why did you decide to tell me now?" He asked as he put a strand of my hair to the back of my ear. I pouted and sighed.

"The book.. that's going to publish tomorrow.. it's about you. I just want to tell you when the time is right and I want to dedicate that book to you." I said and he smiled widely.

"Can't wait to read about it.. I'm so excited." He said and I put my hands on his shoulder.

"I promise.. no more secrets." He leaned his head towards me giving me a kiss. The kiss got instense but I stopped him. I looked at him straight into his eyes.

"I thought you want your dinner?" He smirked.

"I love you." I said and his eyes widen.


"I love you.." I said it again without any hesitation.

"Really?" He asked and I nodded. He picked me up and twirled me around. He's so happy and I'm happier.

"Say it again." He said as he put me down. I looked up to him and chuckled.

"Ares Collin, I love you so much." I said andnhe picked me up again. He kissed me passionately and brought me to our room. He laid me on the bed and looked at me smiling happily.

"Do you mind if you eat your dinner later on?" He smirked as he unbuttoned my shirt.

"I thought you're my dinner." I said and he crashed his lips to mind right away. We both made love after that and we both couldn't be happier.

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