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delilah knew she was close when the area around her, vast and endless as it was, slowly became even more, well, vast and endless.

peter had facetimed the ship at least twice with his many concerns about delilah's safety and his fear about steve. not that steve was going to hurt himself, but he had thought that the captain was going to hurt someone if they said anything about delilah, positive or negative.

"i'm telling you, sam said something about missing you and he shattered a glass with his bare hands!"

"peter, for the third time, i'm in space right now. i'm sorry that you're scared, but i can't really do anything about it. have a good day at school, kid."

"thanks, have a good day in space. bye buddy, i hope you find your family!" he laughed and the line cut off, his face disappearing from the screen.

delilah sat back and let out a shaky breath. despite the fact she couldn't do anything about it, she was so scared for her friends on earth. her least favorite thing about leaving was that she never really got a chance to say goodbye to her absolute favorite person, oliver.

she thought about home and without thinking much about her own emotions, a tear began to roll down her cheek. followed by another tear and then another. before she knew it, she was all out sobbing, barely being away for that long, but still missing home immensely. but she shoved the thoughts from her mind. where she was going and the people she was supposed to meet, they would be her home, her real home.

their was not much that delilah hated more than ending relationships. especially the ones that were horribly messy, the ones that would never be repaired no matter how hard anyone tried. there was the idea that after it was done, after she was no longer steve's and steve was no longer her's, that they were now strangers. she would have to work rather hard to forget all the things she knew about him, all the things no one else even knew. she would have to forget everything that kept them together because now they were apart.

a rather large eclipse of light broke her from the depressed state of mind, there was a ship. at the same time it appeared, a shrill beeping noise started coming from the screen in front of her. the destination had been reached. the ship was huge, blue, and looked to be in pretty good shape. she knew what it held, thousands of asgardians fleeing ragnarok.

she was careful to dock the ship, attaching it to the huge one in front of her. delilah took one deep breath, gathered most of her things and began to walk off the stark ship and into the one that would hopefully change her life.

"she's here." heimdall spoke out of nowhere, causing the heads of thor, loki, valkyrie, and bruce to whip towards him at mostly the same time.

"who's here?" they questioned, asking the same question at different times.

"you'll see." he smiled mischievously, just as delilah entered the main room.

people parted for her as she walked up to where those that saved the common folk sat at the front of the ship, looking out the large window for whoever heimdall said was here.

gasps and whispered were emitted from the crowds of people. some thought she was evil, some thought she was their savior, and others just thought she was lost.

"is it really you, sunna?" the main with the golden eyes asked her, as if he was piercing into her soul, "are you really back, my girl?"

delilah nodded slowly, unsure of what to make out of the whole situation, "i am, unless it's a bad time because i can leave if you need to me to."

quick as a flash of lightening, no pun intended, loki had whipped out two knives and was pressing both of them against her throat, his arm wrapped around her neck.

"who the hell are you?" he asked, venom dripping from his voice.

"i'm delilah, or i guess sunna. i killed someone when i was little, i guess, honestly i don't really know the whole story. parents put me in exile to earth, i'm kind of magical i guess, and then i grew up there. i joined the avengers and-"

"hold on!" the blonde man, who she assumed was thor, called out, "the avengers? you know the avengers?"

she nodded, "yes, i know the avengers!"

loki pressed his knifes against her throat harder, making no move to release her from his grip. "i don't believe you."

she rolled her eyes, "well, just know you asked for it then."

within a second she had completely ignited her hands and blasted loki back into the ground as he patted flames from his clothes.

"alright, i believe you now." he muttered as delilah just smiled.

"i like her." the only other girl in charge smiled, shaking delilah's hand rather hard.

"hi, i'm bruce banner." another man extended his hand to her as she shook it, "i was with the avengers for awhile and then i got lost in space. it's a really long story and i won't bore you with the details, but how is everyone?"

delilah sighed, "mostly everyone is pretty good. cap and his girlfriend just broke up and tony adopted a spider child. they got bucky back, which is nice, he's doing better, mentally at least. they fought with each other for awhile, the whole team, but i think they're getting along better."

thor just laughed, "you must be talking about another group of avengers. there is no spider child, cap never had a girlfriend, and who the hell is bucky?"

"trust me," delilah sighed, "there's a spider child, and he's a handful."

thor cocked his eyebrow, "and bucky?"

"cap's old war buddy who was frozen for awhile just like him, used to be an assassin. it's like natasha but a boy, would be the easiest way to put it."

he rubbed his chin, looking her in the face rather judgmentally, "and the captains ex-girlfriend?"

"you're looking at her."

nobody said anything, those that knew steve rogers didn't really know what to think. he was the man out of his time, they never expected him to find anyone, really, but they meant it in the nicest way possible.

delilah had one final question, she turned to heimdall, "have you seen my parents? i'd like to meet them, if that's alright."

the man sighed, his eyes overcome with sadness.

"i'm sorry, sunna, they didn't survive ragnarok. actually, they didn't even survive hela, i'm sorry."

the blonde girl just nodded, "thank you." she spoke softly, unsure as to why she was upset over people she had never even met, people she never even really knew, people that never even cared about her.

back in new york, there was no sun. rain poured outside and thunder and lightening raged on. everyone was inside, some watching movies together or just minding their own business. steve, of course, was minding his own business.

he hated how the sun wasn't shining, it had been raining since early morning, and it was supposed to rain for much, much longer. as disgusting and ugly as it was, he knew why. delilah was no longer on earth to light it up, without her the sun wouldn't dare show it's happy light. of course he was rather thankful for it, if he couldn't have his sun then it was only fair that no one else could have their's.

on this day, like many others, his only thought was of her. his only thought was of the way she would always make fun of him when they were arguing and he refused to kiss her just because he was upset. she would just smile and walk away, saying "you're going to regret not kissing me, steve!"

he didn't ever think that she would be right. it was as if she knew she was going to leave, she always did, and every time she would say something like that it was a hint that she would not be with him forever. and now, she was gone. and he was left on earth, alone to wallow in his own sadness. as he sat on his bed, heart deep in his stomach, wishing that he had gotten more time. wishing that he hadn't taken her and everything about her for granted. wishing he could have one more kiss, one more hug, and one more minute of talking. but she was gone and she was no longer his.

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