Chapter 18

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Everyone said they'll try to find his location and try their best to bring Peter back. Everyone started leaving the meeting room once they'd come with their small plan. Alissa was the last one and she noticed Nat waiting for her outside. Once she stepped outside, Nat pulled her arm back to the meeting room and closed the door behind them.
"What the hell-"
"You and Peter did it ?!!" She said excitedly and looked at her with her eyes wide opened. Alissa felt her cheek flush and she looked at the floor.
"No...we didn't do anything" Alissa lied.
"Girl I see that hickey on ur neck, also it's just the vibes you give" she said and raised her eyebrows.
"What vibes?" Alissa asked confused and looked away.
"You know, I'm-not-a-virgin-anymore vibes. So answer me! also don't even get me started on the way you said "best friend" ...Did you two hook up?!" She asked and Alissa started walking away.
As much as she would like to rant over how much she loved it and she had indeed, lost her virginity, she just didn't feel like it.
"Look Nat..I can't talk about this right now, I just want to find peter " she sighed. Nat walked up to her and looked at her with a soft smile.
"Hey, we'll find him hun, I'm sure he's fine" she hugged her lightly and Alissa felt that comforting thing Nat always managed to do. No matter how sad or angry she could be, Nat always managed to calm her down and comfort her.
After a few silent minutes, she let go of her.
"it was the best night of my life. But please I'm not gonna tell you in detail what happened" Alissa giggled.
"Oh c'mon! did you at least use protection?" She asked concerned.
"Yeah..I think so"

"You think so?!"

"We were drunk and-


"Not That drunk, I don't regret it or anything. Can we please stop talking about this now?" Alissa said and felt embarrassed.
"my little peanut is growing up. drinking and having sex, damn"
"Oh shut up" Alissa chuckled and Natasha laughed.

"It's been 4 days Parker, no ones showed up yet" A voice came from the back of the room along side with the sound of heels clicking. Peter felt tired and hungry and if it weren't for the rope around him, he would've fallen to the floor long time ago. He felt useless and was desperate for something to eat or at least sleep. Hydra had kept him in the same room and in the same chair for days now, and he was getting worried and losing hope about Tony or the avengers showing up to rescue him.
What did I think? They don't care about some kid, he thought to himself. He heard the heels getting closer and then in front of him. Pepper stood there with a slight smirk on her face but he could tell that even she was annoyed too that Tony hadn't shown up yet.
"they'll come" Peter said shortly even though he hardly believed it. He looked at the ground and sighed. He had bruises around his wrists from the rope and his hair was messy. There was blood around his nose since the guards like to sometimes give him a punch. He didn't understand why, they'd just kick him or slap him whenever they felt like it. His senses were going crazy and he felt like he was losing his mind.
"Let's hope so" Pepper said whilst she dragged another chair from the side, she placed in front of Peter and sat down.
"Can you..just give me something to eat...please" Peter begged and choked on his words, he heard Pepper let out a small chuckle.
"Eat? This isn't a restaurant! if tony doesn't come, we'll just .,leave you starve I guess" she said whilst she laughed again. The guards started laughing too.
"c'mon give him something to eat guys" Pepper said whilst laughing and stood from her chair, she eyed the guards and they nodded.
"Make sure he's full!" She said and left the room. One of the guard who was by the door, started walking towards Peter.
Peter probably shouldn't have begged for food.
The guard pulled his fist up and punched Peter right in the face.

Alissa was sat down in her room, wearing one of Peters hoodies he had left specially for her. It smelled like him and Alissa missed him terribly. she sighed and put on her AI watch, since she had nothing to do.
"Good morning miss Stark, what can I do for you?" The familiar sound of her AI said. Then suddenly she remembered that tony had connected Peters and Alissa AI together, the other one could easily get in contact with the other.
"Davis where is peter Parker"

"His suit hasn't moved in 4 days Miss Stark, But the tracker on his body says 46th street in Queens"

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