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"Daddy Daddy get up" I should of never told Kalina that we could go see Alexis today

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"Daddy Daddy get up" I should of never told Kalina that we could go see Alexis today.

"Princess please it's to early" she always got damn hyper in the morning just like Alexis ass.

"But-but daddy" I mentally curse myself out she about to cry because I said it's to early.

"Princess stop crying I'm getting up now okay" I sat up and bed and picked her up to hug her. If I ever thought Alexis was a spoiled cry baby Kalina is ten times worst.

"I love you daddy" I swear my Princess is my whole heart.

"Daddy loves you too princess. Let's go brush our teeth then we go get your brothers up." She ran into her bathroom and grabbed her tooth brush and came running back into my bathroom so we can brush our teeth together. Kalina is stuck to me like glue she under me all day everyday.

Two hours later all three are ready and we are on our way to see Alexis. We got her some flowers, balloons, teddy bears. This is the first time I'm taking the kids to see her it's been three months.

It's been three months since she been in a coma. That night they took her to the hospital we thought we lost her I mean we did. She had a broken jaw broken ribs her nose was broke. Both her eyes were black and a busted lip bruises all over her body and the worst of all they said she had a fracture skull in the back of her head which caused some bleeding in her brain. I went mother fucking crazy in there they had no choice but to save my baby. Now she here in a coma and we just hope she wakes up soon I can't take it without  her. Me and King are like lost puppies I miss her so much. If it wasn't for the kids I don't know how I would have survive. I come see her everyday I stay for hours talking to her hoping she will get up. But nothing so far I will be here till she wakes up no matter how long. So today I figured let me bring the kids to come see her they've been harassing me about her especially the twins. Hopefully hearing the kids she will wake up because I miss her they miss her King and Sasha miss her. We literally are lost without Alexis.

I drove to the hospital the long way today just so much on my mind. Like what if she never wakes up what if she does? She probably hates me for letting that happen to her. What if she doesn't remember me or the kids or anyone? Just a bunch of what ifs. I basically blame myself for letting this happen to her. I wasn't there to protect her I let her down once again. I hope she forgive me I ask her everyday to forgive me and I'm sorry for not being there. I just need my baby Alexis back in my life I'm a mess without her. On top of that I been dealing with Zena aggravating ass I swear i don't know what I seen In her. She calls her self taking Kannon and keeping him from me with everything going on if I would of got my hands on her I would of killed her. I just had Sasha handle It for me I couldn't even talk to Zena because I was afraid of my actions. I wasn't in the right state of mind either and she wanna play taking my son from me. She lucky Sasha literally had to talk me out from killing her it took her two hours to convince me. Now we have a schedule and if she one second late bringing my son I will beat her ass with no hesitation. I had to go to see Alexis that day man I needed someone to talk to. I love all my kids and I don't play around with my kids or Alexis everyone knows that.

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