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"What the hell?" exclaimed my brother from my side "why are you on my territory?"

Which was ignored by him and his sole focused is fixed on me and he stepped closer with his two members trailing behind him not so far away.

"well well" Emilio muttered "isn't famous Lucy returns." Totally ignoring the flaming alpha, by my side "haven't thought to see you after so long"

"Emilio" Lucy sighed "why are you here?"

"That's not how I pictured meeting you" Emilio said ignoring her question.

"Then what do you expect" Lucy retorted "welcoming you with warms hugs and kisses on cheek"

"Well if you are proposing" Emilio slyly muttered

"Emilio Rave" Lucy called frustrated "you are still same annoying jerk like before and this time tell why the hell are you on the territory and without the permission." She asked again

"well I have to see it for myself that you came back and is it no bad to see me" Emilio pouted "what it been twenty years and so I haven't seen you, I just wanted to meet an old friend who happen to vanish from earth all those years back"

Lucy pinched the area between her eyes and took long relaxing breath and faced Emilio again "not now Emilio, I have too much shit going on already and to handle you it's like I'm going to explode"

"Then I'll wait..." Emilio couldn't complete his sentence when Antalia rushed to my side and said "mum..."

"Mum" Emilio repeated and looked paled, not that he has any colour on his skin but, look paler than he already is "I think I'm to get sick"

"shut up, drama king" Lucy snapped and turned towards Antalia , who looks wary of Emilio "what do you want?" she asked her, snapping her from her day dream.

"oh nothing much, is just that they are ready to discharge Jordy that's all" Antalia muttered.

"Well let's go then" Lucy muttered , without paying heed to anyone.


Later that day when together with her kids and their new family member were all settled in their room and the three blood suckers sitting in her living area, she finally made her way down to see both her kids with Jordy and Julio both staring, when I say staring, I mean actually staring them like they are some kind of aliens, well they haven't seen vamps before so I guess it sums it up.

"May I ask why are you guys down here" Lucy inquired the kids but, Julio answered

"We are observing"

"Observing" Lucy asked confused "what?"

"Them" Julio pointed at three vamps sitting opposite to them, rolling her eyes at their antics "enough of observing them, it rude" the look she got, what are you crazy" they are vamps women vamps; leaving them to their antics she faced Emilio and other two vamps.

"So are you going to tell me, that why are you here?" Lucy asked taking seat besides her kids.

"I have already told you, I heard you came back and wanted to see it for myself" Emilio stated the obvious "so here I'm" there is pause for few seconds when he gain added "but, it's you who gave me surprise of my life? Kids you have kids and that to twins, like seriously. First, you vanished without saying anything and second, when you graced us with your presence you have kids, are you trying to kill me?" always the drama king

"Now you are just exaggerating" Lucy retorted "what I can't understand? You can come to the territory like civilised person, but you just decided to barge in. it's good that they all knew you and you know how it's not appreciated?"

"Whatever" Emilio dismissed me and ordered me to introduce him to my kids "and well I think you have to make some introductions to make."

Lucy narrowed her eyes at him but, nevertheless made the formal introduction, it's not like he has any choice "Emilio Rave the head of vampire coven meet my kids Jedrck and Antalia and here this I Jordy my son's new found mate and his brother Julio"

"now was that hard" Emilio sarcastically said but, offered welcoming smile to kids "well I'm Emilio Rave, I'm one of the best friends of you mother from her childhood, but I can see she skipped that information" they spend few minutes down here but, soon moved up their rooms to get comfortable and Jordy still need his rest to gain his strength back.

Now we are moved into kitchen and have hot cocoa in our hands Emilio studying me intently and sighed dejectedly "all those years ago you could have sought me, you know and I would have helped you" quietly said eyeing the cup in his hand.

"I know " Lucy said, took seat opposite to him "but, at that time going away from here meant everything, you know. A fresh start without any more haunting memories, you don't know what went down here? Lots of, I mean lot of hate sprouted and my mind was anything but, rational and going away from this place, this country was easy"

"I never forgave him" Emilio said after listening me speak "I will never forgive him"

"Emilio" Lucy said quietly to her hurting friend "it's been twenty years" she knows exactly who she is talking about "he is your brother" Lucy finally breathed.

"You know I missed twenty, twenty years of their life" Emilio spoke hurting "one look at your kids I knew they are my blood too, I'm their uncle, they are my nephew and niece but, I can't seem to share the information with them. I feel so ashamed by hi action, what he did to you? Did your kids know?"

"Bits and pieces" Lucy quietly muttered "I can't, you know, I just can't"

"they are already finding their mates" Emilio muttered "and I have lost so much with them because of his selfishness, I'm there uncle Lucy their flesh and blood" but before Lucy could say anything more a gasp was heard from entrance of kitchen, both their heads swivelled to noise so fast and Lucy breathed





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