Chapter 46 - Rated R

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Roseanne West

"Hey.. you'll do great." Ares smiled at me and I nodded nervously. It's less than a minute before the MC will call me out. Ares gave me a kiss on my cheek and at the same time the MC called me to go on stage.

"Goodluck honey." Ares said and I nodded. I walked to the stage and my eyes widen to see a lot of people coming. I smiled widely and waved my hands to them. I turned on the mic and the MC asked me to sit down.

"Good afternoon, everyone!" I greeted and they all cheered for me. I'm so touched and so.. happy. I'm so glad that I decided to do this. My dad, my brother, Carrie and Ares' parents came too and they were all so supportive towards me.

"Please introduce yourself." The MC said smiling at me and she gestured me to see the audience.

"Hello everyone, I'm Roseanne West and I've been using Elena Parker as secret name all this time so.. I hope you guys are not mad about it." I said.

"So today is the day where you publish your newest book and it's called The Real Deal. Can you tell us briefly what is it about?" The MC asked and I smiled nodding.

"Well.. I don't want to spoil anything but it's based on my own love life. I wrote this book for my boyfriend, Ares, just to thank him for everything." I said and I turned to see Ares standing beside my dad. He smiled widely at me and I turned to the audience again nervously.

"I actually.. have a little short story for you guys. This is out of the script but I just want you guys to know a little background story about me." I said nervously but I quickly got it together.

"For years, I've been writing a lot of love stories but I've never believed in one. I always think that people will come into your life and then leave you one day. I shut myself ever since my mom passed away and that's not good. I used to only have my dad, my brother and his wife because I was so afraid to open up to people knowing that one day they will leave me. One day, I met my boyfriend, Ares, and he happened to be my dad's friend's son. He changed me, he tried to understand me, he gave me hope that not everyone will just leave you, he gave me the understanding what love is and he helped me get over the trauma and the fear that I have in life. I just want to give the credit to my boyfriend and that's why I decided to do this because I know some of you have the same thoughts as me but you tried to make yourself think differently by reading love stories or maybe watch a lot of love stories hoping that maybe one day you will understand.. but trust me.. one day, that person will come. One day that you will find someone that will understand you and love you just the way you are." I said and I cried a little bit. They quickly gave me some tissues and I laughed it off.

"Sorry.. I used to have a rough life and looking back to it was.. just emotional." I said chuckling as I wiped my tears. I heard someone from the crowd saying 'it's okay' and all of them tried to comfort me too. I turned to Ares and he gave me a thumbs up.

"We can go back on track." I turned to the MC and she smiled nodding.

"Moving on to the next question, what's inspire you to make the previous book and who is your favorite character?"

"Well.. I got inspired by my parents love stories a lot." I turned to my dad and he smiled widely.

"Ever since my mom passed away, everything changed. I started to write my books just to remember all the beautiful things that my mom taught me. For my favorite character, I can't choose actually but in every female main characters, you can see some parts of me on them. They really resemblance me in a lot of ways and for the men.. I love the newest character from this new book. I bet you all will love him too." I answered.

"Roseanne, do you mind to answer some of your fans questions? You can pick anyone in the room who wants to ask you a question.." The MC said.

"Of course, of course. I can answer 10 questions about anything." I said and they all cheered. They started to raised their hands up and I picked one.

"You said you never believe in love, how can you make all these beautiful stories? I love you!" She asked and I chuckled nodding.

"I love you too.. Some parts of me wanting to believe it and some parts of me wanted to experience what love is. I eve spent lot of times in starbucks just sitting there observing couples. I know that sounds like a creep but.. I was so jealous because people can experience love without even trying." I answered and moving on to the next question.

"How did you and your boyfriend meet?"

"Oh boy.." I said nervously.

"It's rated R stuffs." Ares answered causing them to turn to Ares. I facepalmed myself and they laughed.

"We met at the bar and it's rated R after that. We met again because he's my dad's friend's son." I answered and we continued until the last question. I saw Ares raising his hand up and I looked at him suspicious. I turned away ignoring him but the MC poked my shoulder.

"I think your boyfriend is trying to tell you something." She said and I turned to Ares. He mouthed me 'pick me' and I looked at him shaking my head.

"Guys.. is it okay if I want to ask 2 questions to Roseanne?" He asked in a loudly enough for everyone in the room to listen.

"Yes!" They all answered and I turned to him gesturing him to ask.

"Do you love me?" He asked and the whole room teased us right away. I can't help but want to kick him in the ass.

"That's a stupid question but yes.. I love you." I answered and they teased me again.

"My last question is.. WILL YOU MARRY ME?" That caught me out of guard and I looked at him disbelief. My dad, my brother, Carrie and his parents were cheering on me.

"Say Yes! Say Yes! Say Yes!" They all cheered and Ares walked onto the stage. I stood up and he hold my hands for a second before he literally kneeled in front of me. I was so shocked and I covered my mouth with my hand.

He took out a small box and opened it. It's a really beautiful diamond ring and he smiled looking at me. He held my hand and my eyeballs started to fill with tears.

"Roseanne West.. I can't believe that you just said that you love me yesterday but I love you so much ever since we got together. I see my future with you and I wanna do this seriously. I know I'm still not perfect for you but trust me I'm working on it. I'm ready to hear your weird sexual jokes everyday even though I almost died a couple of times because I was choking on foods everytime when you're making weird jokes. I will not take no as an answer babe. So.. will you marry me?" He asked and I was laughing and crying at the same time.

"Yes! Hell yeah!" I said and I hugged him immediately. I kissed him and he put the ring into my finger.

"Next book will be about our kids.." He smirked and I smacked his arm.

"I love you." He said and I looked at him glaring. He wiped my tears and I smiled big time.

"Love you too!"

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