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I damn near jumped out my skin when Damien called me saying the hospital called him

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I damn near jumped out my skin when Damien called me saying the hospital called him. Shit I almost left Sasha but she gotta watch the kids. I couldn't stop shaking I was nervous I miss my princess. Alexis means the world to me I can't even think with out her not being here. This has been the worst three months ever. I've never been scared before in my life until today if they give me bad news I don't think I can make it. I sat in the car waiting for Sasha I couldn't even drive I felt sick I hope my princess is going to make it.

"Baby calm down she going to be fine." I hear Sasha but I'm not listening to her I just need to get to the hospital.

"Just hurry up and take me to Damien house so we could get to the hospital" she didn't respond she just shook her head. I didn't mean to get smart but I need to get to the hospital.


I'm finally awake my head hurts real bad still but I finally opened my eyes. I don't know how long I've been here but I remember how I got here. I started crying because I can't believe it got that bad I'm so fucking weak. The whole time I was in the coma I could hear everything. I was so happy when Damien brought the kids here I wanted to wake up then but I couldn't.

I heard everything my daddy said and he apologized for everything for not protecting me. For being absent in majority of my life and leaving me home with different baby sitters. Also for my mom not being in my life he said he didn't fight hard enough for her to stay he knew she was scared to have a baby and he force her to have me. But he said I was the best thing that ever happened to him but he wasn't the best father and he sorry.

Damien was a fucking wreck I mean he cried every time he came here to visit which was everyday. I felt so bad for him he kept apologizing every five seconds. He confessed his love for me like never before I mean he never said the things he said while I was in here. Now I know why he wanted the divorce because he didn't want it to get this far. Now I see it from his point of view now I understand he was trying his hardest to not have this happen.

I just wish things were different right now I wish this never happened I miss time with my kids. Time I missed I could never get it back. I miss my family I miss everyone I should of never had moved on.

No one has been here for two days to see me. I knew from the last time Damien was here I could tell he was getting depressed. He probably lost all faith and was waiting for even worst news but the day he brought the kids that night I woke up. And I been up from the coma since. I'm breathing on my own now my body had healed completely but I may have some issues with my head.

"Hello miss Alexis how you feel today?"

"I'm fine nurse Elizabeth did you call him for me"

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