Chapter: 76

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Y/N pov

I woke up in the morning by the sound of my alarm.

You got up slowly and still half asleep.

Today was my first day in my dream college.

I got dressed into my clothes and grabbed my bag.

I walked downstairs quickly and grabbed you shoes.

I heard someone cook in the kitchen.

Without turning i said.

Y/N: morning.

I almost had my shoes on when i felt a spoon hit my head.


I turned around.

Jin: you need to eat your breakfast, i cant let you out on an empty stomach

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Jin: you need to eat your breakfast, i cant let you out on an empty stomach.

Y/N: yes mother~

Jin: YAH!

He grabbed another spoon.

Jin: want another one?

Y/N: try me.

I quickly grabbed a sandwich he had on a plate and rushed out the door.

Jin: aish this kid.

Happily with my victory i walked to the bus stop.

I ate my sandwich while waiting.

It has been fun since those people moved in..

Flash back~

I was just walking back from my part time job when a group of people walked up to me.

There were 6 ... no 7 people

They stopped in front of me and that made me also stop walking.

Y/N: hello, can i help you?

???: your going to (college name) soon right?

Y/N: yes how did you know?

???: we saw you there a few days ago for the entrance exam.

???: so since you also go there we were wondering...

???: if we could be roommates.

Y/N: roommates?

???: yeah, its okay if you dont want to..

Y/N: mmm i guess it could be alright..? Its quite boring being alone.

???: yee!

End flashback.

Come to think of it.. it was quite strange how we ended up like this..

But I don't regret it.

At that moment the bus arrived.

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