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Sophia's POV
On the way back home, I had my first normal sleep in awhile. James wasn't happy that I trusted him so quickly and was heading back to the pack so easily. My wolf was easy to trust him but there was a part of me still hurt and didn't want to trust him.

Charlotte distributed the Thanksgiving dinner to the families the night I left so at least no food was wasted. I felt bad that Thanksgiving was ruined because of me. My stomach growled from not eating the past few days.

"You need to eat," Titus said when we walk into his house and he heard my stomach growl. I nod and set my stuff on the counter. I suddenly felt light-headed and I started falling. Titus is quickly by my side and catches my weak frame.

"We need to go to Doctor Jones now," he said carrying me bridal style. My throat felt dry and my head throbbed. I smelt the fresh air of pine trees and felt the cold wrap around my body but everything was blurry. I couldn't make out any figures my senses got mixed up with everything and then I saw darkness.

I could start to hear things around me but I still pretend to be asleep. My other senses came back to me. I could smell disinfectant that reminded me of the day I first stumbled on the Scarlet Moon Pack. I was in the pack hospital. I heard the steady beeping of the heart monitor.

I smelt two familiar senses in the room. I heard Titus and Doctor Jones talking at the end of the hospital bed.

"She's deprived from nutrition and liquids so she might be a little loopy for a bit," Doctor Jones voice says. "We're pumping liquids and nutrition into her stomach to help the baby gain nutrition loss for the past few days."

He was silent for a few seconds then I felt my heart rate to speed up and the heart monitor started to beep faster.

"Please leave the room," he says lowly. I heard the door close and I could feel his presence next to me.

"I know your pretending to sleep," he says. I open my eyes and I see hurt over his face.

"Why didn't you tell me that you're pregnant?" He asked raising his voice a little. I felt my heart race and a pain in my chest but it wasn't my pain, it was his.

"I didn't want you to stress about it. I've cause so much trouble here with the rouges after me and now people are looking for me. There's word all over the werewolf community that there is a servant of the Moon Goddess," I said.

"It's my child why the hell would that make a difference. I'll do anything to protect you and our child," he says.

"Exactly, you would do anything and I don't want you to stress more about this. I was going to tell you just when everything passed by," I said.

"That's no excuse." With the last word, he let all the rage come through and his dominance and power seep through into the room. My wolf didn't want to submit but the power was too much and I lowered my head in submission.

I heard him growl and then I saw him put a hole in the wall out of the corner of my eye.

"Why can't I smell the baby," he growls. His eyes were black. They were threatening to release his wolf.

"I had a friend of mine come and hide her for awhile so no one can use her as leverage," I said. His breathing was uneven and I hated how he looked at me with hatred. He sighed and his eyes went back too his regular baby blue color.

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