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"i'm still very confused." loki spoke from behind delilah, shaking her from the trance she was once in, astonished by the galaxy in front of her.

"i know, it's a lot to understand, and i just kind of showed up out of nowhere. to be honest, i don't really know what's going on either." she sighed softly, turning to face him.

"no," he chuckled lightly, "i understand why you're here. the mortals, they're very, what's the word? ah, boring. so it amazes me how you, an interesting woman, was in love with possibly the most predictable and annoying of the humans."

partly, she wanted to hit him for talking about steve like that. but she knew hitting him wouldn't do any good, it wasn't like steve had anything kind to say about loki either.

"he's a good man, loki. and he's not as predictable as you would think."

he scoffed and rolled his eyes, "and it didn't work out because?"

delilah stayed silent, not sure if she really wanted to speak about it to anyone. especially someone she had just meant and was titled the god of mischief.

"would you mind if guessed?"

delilah shrugged, "sure."

"mortal men are not enough for you. i can tell that you're not one to be pleased easily."

she shook her head, "i don't think it had anything to do with that."

"ah," he stared at her further, "so he hit you? he lay his hands on you?"

the blonde girl scoffed and stepped away from him, "do you really think captain america would hit a woman?"

"well, he hit me." he replied, rather quickly before realizing his mistake when delilah gave him a quizzical look, "i didn't think about that before i said it."

"if you must know," delilah egged him on a bit, "i suppose it was my fault. god knows i am not easy to love."

"are you lying, lady sunna?"

she turned away from him, trying to make an escape, "what i choose to tell you is what i choose to tell you."

rather quickly and without any warning, he stuck his hand to her forehead, getting exactly what he wanted out of her head: the truth.

"rather painful, isn't it?" he taunted her, embedding ideas and visions into her head, "knowing that he's out with sharon right now, trying to distract him from the idea of missing you."

she gritted her teeth and tries to shove him
off, "stop it, loki, i won't tell you again."

"and the rest of the avengers, rejoicing for your absence. they're so happy to be finally freed of you."

she couldn't shake him, delilah had promised not to use any of her powers in a fear of killing him, but now she was certainly considering it.

"under all of your lies, sunna, you are just the same scared little girl that shook, cried, and ran for the hills when she killed for the first time."

"get out of my head!"

"it's pathetic, really. to think that captain rogers actually cared about you! you're a play thing, delilah. people love you when it's convenient and leave you when it's not."

"that's not true!"

he chuckled again, "oh, yes it is and you know it is too. soon enough everyone will leave you because you're right, you are too hard to love."

finally, he released her. delilah was sent gasping and sputtering into the floor below her. her head was pounding and aching with the memories and newfound thoughts of pain, sadness, and terror.

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