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the ship was burning and people were screaming. asgardians were being slaughtered with each passing second, the blood flooding a new red sea onto the ground, piercing screams were all that was heard.

and then, as if by magic, it all stopped.

in the center of it was a man, but he wasn't human. he was huge, the light reflected off his bald head and danced off the golden armor he wore. he had a single glove on, also golden, adorned with holes on the knuckles and the back of his palm. but only one of the holes was filled, it was a single gem, it's purple glow shimmered around the ship.

her eyes scanned the ship for any sign of life besides the purple man and his minions, but there was none. laying lifeless next to her was heimdall, a wound spurting deep scarlet blood out of his stomach. across the floor was loki, his face purple with prominent veins sticking out, he had been suffocated. banner was on the other side of her, a slit across his throat still leaked with the blood of both bruce and the hulk. thor and valkyrie were lying next to each other, identical wounds pierced their sides and flowed a deep red. but thor's head had a significant dent, some heavy head trauma had killed him.

instantly, delilah felt sick to her stomach. everyone was dead, gone, every single one of them. but the worst part was that she was still alive and couldn't do anything to numb the pain.

the purple being turned his head, the ship's floor quaking with his every movement as if it feared him as well.

"sunna," he addressed her in a deep voice, "daughter of sol."

"i don't even know who you are! how do you know me?" she snapped, her jaw clenched and teeth gritted.

"i am thanos, the mad titan. your father had once told me about you, he didn't always play for the golden side, you know. he told me about his perfect daughter, his powerful daughter, but now i see just how wrong he really was. you're weak, sunna. you, once again, failed to protect your people. they're all dead. and you, you couldn't save them. you'll never save them."

"liar!" she seethed, trying to attack him but was frozen in place, no light emitting from her body.

he was quick for a big man and grabbed her by the head, holding her writhing body in place.

"look at your people, sunna. look at your failure."

"it wasn't my fault!"


"it wasn't my fault!"

delilah was still in a trance and many stared at her, seeing as she was screaming at nothing.

"get out of my head!" she yelled even louder, scaring the asgardians as she ripped at her hair.

"loki!" thor bellowed, running to delilah's side to snap her out of the current state, "get out of her head! stop messing around, it isn't funny!"

his adoptive brother just shook his head, "this isn't me, brother, i promise you."

suddenly, delilah's eyes snapped open.

thor jumped back, not expecting what he saw.
burning even brighter than the sun, delilah's eyes pierced and shone a bright mix between yellow and white.

it took a few seconds, but they went away. her eyes were now back to the bright blue they had always been, her body was no longer burning up, and she was fine. slowly but surely, the blonde girl began to open her eyes, taking in her surroundings.

despite their fear, delilah was happy to know that everyone was still alive. thor and loki peered over her, looking for any injuries, but thor seemed even more worried.

"i can still save you." she breathed out, touching his face softly, "i can still save you."

"are you alright?" he asked, searching her face for any indication as to what the hell was wrong.

"thanos is coming."

loki's face went even paler than normal, if that was possible.


delilah shook her head and her face was full of worry and fear as she repeated herself, "thanos is coming."

"i suppose we better suit up then." heimdall said, his voice full of sympathy for the girl.

"slight problem," delilah muttered in a high voice, "i don't have a suit."

he smiled kindly and managed to make a suit for her out of thin air, "your father left this with me before you died. he was hoping you would come back."

eagerly, she took the suit from him and ran away to change into it.

white and gold, the armor and tighter material fit her like a glove. as if the people that made it really knew her, but they didn't. and she knew they ever would.

delilah was slightly excited, she'd never had a cape before, and for once she really felt like a superhero. not some scared girl fighting crime at night, not some avenger, she was sunna of asgard: the goddess of the sun.

as she emerged, most eyes were on her. for an unknown reason, delilah wasn't that uncomfortable under the gaze. granted, she wasn't that focused on what they thought of her. at this point she was very focused on saving them, she had one job and was determined to complete it to the best of her ability.

"you've got to let me fix your hair." valkyrie said, sneaking up on delilah as she watched thor guide the asgardians into a safer part of the shop.

"what's wrong with it?" delilah asked, gesturing to the single braid she had going down her back, barely keeping the hair out of her face.

"you're an asgardian now, a goddess even. you've got to wear the braids of a warrior, it's what you are after all."

delilah found herself given into her new alcoholic friend, sitting down in front of her as the valkyrie got to work on her blonde mess of locks.

once she was done, delilah kind of loved her for it. with one big braid going down her back and little ones scattered in throughout the sides, she felt ready. ready to fight of thanos, whoever he was, she was going to kill him.

she took her place next to thor at the front of the ship, choosing to ignore the way he was looking at her, it was slightly creepy.

"i suppose no one has told either of you?" loki asked, stepping between the two blondes.

"told us what?" delilah and thor both questioned in unison.

"about your arranged marriage, of course. it was forged by sol, your father, and odin, your father."

delilah laughed dryly in his face, "sure, but i'm not doing that."

"it's the only way to the throne, sunna."

she rolled her eyes, "unlike you, loki, i'm not here for the throne. i'm here to help, you look to be in dire need of a savior."

he rolled his eyes and looked to his brother for help, "what?" thor asked him, obviously confused, "no one is getting married."

but before they could argue any further, a great darkness overcame the ship. it was eclipsed from any sort of light, as an even larger vessel blocked them from any planets.

"are you ready?" thor asked as delilah nervously looked on.

her expression hardened as her fists became ablaze, "are you?"

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