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they couldn't be stopped.

the children of thanos, as they called themselves, took the asgardian ship by pure force.

however, it wasn't for a lack of effort on anyone's part. bruce, who could've been used to advantage, had to hide due to an altercation between him and the hulk. he and loki talked about some "plan" if it all went south and they had to give up the space stone.

thor explained to delilah where to hide and then jump out of when they entered. they were expecting the normal asgardians, sunna and the hulk were the surprise weapons. however, they didn't do too much.

jumping out from behind a large wall, delilah floated above the ground, completely ablaze, her eyes burning bright. she didn't know she was just a temporary distraction. half of the asgardians were being brutally murdered and she seemed to just be a light show.

she fought against ebony maw as well as she could. delilah was able to blast him back a few times and throw a star in the being's face, but he just flicked it away like cotton.

"you're a sorry excuse for a goddess." he sneered, going back to the slaughtering.

grunting and shaking, delilah was left on the ground. not dead, but she seemed to be close.

the radios were stuttering and someone was yelling into them, "we are under assault! we are an asgardian vessel. this is not a war craft!"

"it's too late." delilah muttered, no one could hear them let alone get there in time to make a difference. it wasn't like nasa was going to pull up with elon musk and beat the shit out of thanos.

lifeless bodies were strewn on the ground like pieces of candy after a piñata had been beat open.

the blonde girl had multiple cuts that ranged across her body, but she was in better shape than many of the others.

everyone had been thrown to the ground, either dead or barely clinging to life.

"hear me and rejoice," ebony maw began, his creepy form levitating over the bodies and the flames, "you have had the privilege of being saved by the great titan. smile, for even in death, you have become children of thanos."

loki just looked at him like he was crazy. there was an ill bout of hatred that was only visible to those who recognized the way his eyes changed color when he was upset.

at the head of the ship stood thanos with thor next to him on his knees. just like the vision, it was so accurate it hurt. but luckily, those who she knew the best were still alive, for now.

thanos began to speak, "i know what it's like to lose, to feel so desperately that you're right, yet to fail nonetheless."

"dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same. and now it's here," he paused and clenched his fist, the same golden glove covering his hand, "or should i say: i am."

"the tesseract or your brother's head?" he looked directly at loki, holding thor up by nearly smashing his skull in, the head trauma, "i assume you have a preference."

loki scoffed and looked deadpanned at him, "oh, i do. kill away."

he did. he used the purple stone, the power stone, to rip thor's head from the inside out but he's screams grew to be too much.

"loki, please!" delilah screamed from the ground, no one silenced her and she thought she saw thanos grin.

"alright stop!" he called out and summoned the tesseract to give to thanos.

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