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delilah couldn't deny it, she was scared. terrified even. she and bruce were the only ones to see thanos up close, it was all because of sheer luck and heimdall's magic that they were still alive.

sitting down on the jet she kept her head down, trying to stop the wild fears from running their course through her brain.

despite the damper on the situation, many of the others were still carrying on various conversations. they tried to make it seem normal, but the situation was obviously anything but normal.

the blonde girl flicked around her fingers, creating small sparks and little streams of light. but she said nothing, spoke to no one, not even offering anyone a glance.

it was no mystery that steve was worried, she was leaning against him but she had yet to even look him in the eyes. he wasn't stupid though, he could practically smell the anxiety on her. he knew because he was the same way, if even one thing goes wrong, they lose, and half of them die.

"delilah," natasha called her, clearly concerned for her friend, "you're being unusually quite and non-optimistic."

"no one plans a murder out loud." she snapped, instantly regretting her words.

"i'm sorry, it just came out. i'm fine."

sam rolled his eyes, "you're not fine, delilah. you're so not fine."

"i'm fine," she assured him, trying to make herself seem more awake, "it's nothing."

"it's not nothing!"

she groaned and narrowed her eyes at the falcon, "if you don't stop, i'm going to tell everyone your worst fear."

"you wouldn't!"

"i would!" she challenged.

"i know you're scared because he beat you and you've never really lost before. but-"

"sam is afraid of the kool-aid man!"

natasha lost it, laughing so hard that tears were pricking at her eyes, "oh yeah!" she laughed even harder as sam looked rather upset.

"oh no." he grumbled, finally sitting down.

"did you tell her?" rhodey asked, trying so hard to manage with the amount of dumbass-ery on the jet.

"nope." sam sighed, "she looked into my head without permission. again."

"we're gonna land in like two minutes." vision warned the group, not seeming to be phased that his "surgery" would be happening very soon.

delilah looked right at sam while she replied to vision, "oh yeah."

sam groaned and got ready to disembark the jet, "i wish thanos killed you instead of thor."

everyone paused and bruce went pale, missing his best friend dearly. delilah turned to sam with a look that could draw blood, her eyes hurling daggers at him.

"thor's not dead. but if you don't watch your back, you'll be dead."

"hold on," bruce stopped her, "thor's not dead?"

"no, if he was i would feel it." she glanced down at the lightening scar. the correlation between her lightening scar and thor's sun scar had been explained by heimdall one day after he noticed delilah's mark.

"why would you feel it?"

delilah sighed, not really wanting to answer the question, "him and i are connected, but i don't really want to talk about.

the group accepted her answer and moved on, stepping down onto the wakandan landing dock.

natasha and delilah followed closely behind steve, both delilah and bruce were very confused, seeing as neither had met t'challa before.

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