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Okay hey @whoever reads this book.

This is my first book soo bare with me, lol. The first few chapters may be a bit short and boring but it gets better and more exciting and longer.

Also sorry if it comes out cringy or something. Like i said, it's my first book lol.

I've written stories before but i always end up deleting them, but this story im for sure for sure gonna keep.

Anyways please don't give any hate because there is a difference between hate and constructive criticism. Feel free to comment anything i would need to add or need more work on, cause once im done i will be editing this book.

EDIT: This book I've tried not to make it cringe but key word, "TRIED". Keep in mind I did write this when I was pretty young so some cringe moments are most likely going to be present

Anyways enjoy!

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