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This chapter may be boring but that's because this chapter is just filled with background information on eleanors life.






"Oh my gosh, could you be any more loud?" I hiss and look at my brother, who is currently eating an apple while chewing with his mouth open.

"What?" He shrugs and continues to eat with his mouth open. I roll my eyes and go back to focusing on the paperwork i am currently doing.

Why am i doing paperwork? Well, because im the soon to be beta.

It's actually rare to have a female beta. My father is currently the beta, and since im his eldest, im going to take on his title today, and i needed to fill out paper work before hand.

"Are you excited about finding your mate?" My twin brother - Jake - asks.

One more thing i forgot to mention, today is our birthday, and we've finally turned nineteen. You see, us werewolves have our first shift at the age of twelve, but we can only find our mates at age nineteen because by then we are more mature and ready for a mate.

"Yeah, i guess, but not really. Let's be honest. For all we know, he's going to be a jerk, " i say.

Whenever a wolf meets their mate, they're instantly attracted to them cause of the mate bond. They're supposed to cherish you and love you, but sometimes, werewolves are often rejected by their mate.

It's rare, but it happens, sadly. It's very frowned upon, though.

"He better not be or else he's going to have me to deal with" jake growls and tucks a blonde strand of hair behind his ear.

Jake and I are fraternal twins, but i was born first, hence why im taking my father's beta position and not him.

Jake has blonde hair that stops at his shoulders and grey eyes with a sharp jaw line. He's about 6'2 and very buff.

I, on the other hand, am 5'4. Which is very short compared to most werewolves, but i, too, have long blonde hair and grey eyes, but unlike jake, I'm more toned than buff.

"Don't worry if he is. I'll kick his behind with you, " i chuckle.

"What's this? i hear about kicking someone's behind?" My dad asks as he pops his head around the corner.

"I was just saying that if Ela has a jerk of a mate, im beating him up," my brother tells him using my nickname.

My dad looks at me with his sharp grey eyes and frowns. "I'll murder him if he hurts my little girl."

He walks into the room and sits down next to jake. You could instantly tell we're his children. We look like exact replicas of him.

We had the same blonde hair and the same grey eyes.

I never met my mom cause she died while giving birth to me and my brother, so i don't really know what she looks like.

My dad never likes to talk about her because it pains him to think about it, so I never bother to ask about her. Normally, when someones mate dies, they go insane or commit suicide due to how strong the mate bond can be, but my dad was able to stay sane because he had something to live for.


"Don't worry, i can take care of myself," i assure them. My dad folds his arms. "i know you can, but you're my little girl. I don't want someone hurting you."

"While we are on the topic of getting hurt, prepared to get beat today, dad," i say while making a fake gun and pointing at my dad making a 'pew' sound.

Then i pretend to blow smoke out of my imaginary gun.

"Careful. Don't be too cocky, " he smirks back. I scoff. "Wow, my own dad doesn't believe in me," i say, pretending to be insulted.

In order for me to take the beta position, i need to battle my dad for the title. It's to prove to the pack im ready and strong enough to be their beta.

No, i won't be killing my dad, but i will be fighting him until he submits.

Then, when that's done, i gotta make some oath to the pack. We don't have a celebration because we only celebrate if theirs a new alpha or luna considering they're our leaders.

My dad rolls his eyes before getting up. "i have to go bring these back to Alpha Cole. See ya in an hour, " he says and grabs the paperwork i had just finished, and walks out of the kitchen and out the front door.

"Im so excited, my twin sister is gonna be beta," my brother says with pride and excitement.

I grin. "It would be cooler if we both could be betas, since we are twins."

He shrugs "nah i don't really wanna be beta, too much work. Im fine being a guard, " he says and takes another bite of his apple.

Man, he eats slow. He's been eating that apple for a good thirty minutes.

"Well, im gonna go get ready," i tell him as i hop out of my chair and go down the hallway and into my room.

An hour later, im ready. I threw my hair into a bun. Then i slid on black leggings, a black tank top, and my tennis shoes.

I quickly do a couple of stretches before going to meet my brother in the living room.

My brother is leaning against the wall with his attention focused on his phone.

Noticing my presence, he looks up and smiles. "Ready?".

I take a deep breath and nod, "ready as I'll ever be."


Sorry this was short and boring. Next chapter I'll try to make it longer (:

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