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Me and jake walked from our home and to the back of the pack house where the fight will be held.

Since my father is the beta he gets his own house, same goes for the alpha.

I could smell the excitement rolling off of my pack members in waves.

"Are you nervous?" My brother whispers. The cool thing about me and my brother is that we can feel each others emotions. We can only feel each others pain if it's like extreme.

I gulp and nod "very" i say.

"Don't worry, you'll do great. After all you're a rivera" he says and places his hand on my shoulder in comfort.

"And you know what they say" he starts off.

"A rivera never fails or shows fear" we say at the same time.

I take a deep breath trying to calm my nerves as we make it into the clearing.

Pack members sat around the large mat on picnic blankets. Some where even eating.

Then i I smelt the most wonderful smell ever.

Strawberries and rain.

i know sounds like it would be a bad smell but it wasn't. 

My wolf started to grow restless, for what? I have no idea.

"You'll do great" my brother whispers as he walks me towards the large mat my father was currently standing on.

He had no shirt only shorts on and he didn't look a day over thirty.

He stood tall and proud, power oozed out of him.

He gave me a small smile before voiding his face of emotion. Right now we were no longer father and daughter. In his wolfs eyes im just someone trying to take the beta position.

"Members of the midnight pack!" A powerful voice boomed throughout the field sending shivers down my spine.

It was such a beautiful voice, i could listen to it all day.

I look at the the person who's voice it belonged to, only to find alpha cole.

He sniffs the air before turning his eyes on me and i freeze. No!

'Mate!' My wolf howled in excitement. She was excited to find her mate, but she was even more happy to know he's an alpha.

He straightened his posture before looking away and back at the pack members.

This just makes shit more complicated, im currently fighting for the beta position when im actually supposed to be a luna.

"We are gathered here today to witness the fight between Richard Rivera and his daughter Eleanor Rivera" he shouted.

I shivered at the way my name rolled off of his tongue.

"Today Eleanor has turned nineteen, meaning it's time for her to fight for the beta position!"

Cheers errupted throughout the field. I bit my lip in nervousness, i pray to the moongoddess i won't fail and embaress myself.

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