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"We need to talk".

I jumped at the sound of my mates voice and placed a hand over my racing heart.

Geez he didn't have to scare me like that.

"Let me guess, about the whole mates thing? Don't you think this is gonna be confusing now because i just became the beta when im supposed to be luna" i say with confusion.

He clenches his jaw and looks at me with anger. He harshly pins me against the bathroom wall and growls.

Why is he being like this? This better not be one of those rare cases where he rejects me.

"its crazy how you are my mate and yet i don't want you" he whispered in my ear sending tingles throughout my body.

"i Alpha Cole reject Eleanor Rivera as my mate and luna".

I screamed in pain as he let go of me and walked away, leaving me to suffer alone. That bastard!

The pain in my chest grew so unbearable i clawed at my chest, wanting to rip out my shattered heart.

It hurt so much. He's literally my other half, and being rejected feels like a you just got split in half and that your heart is being stabbed over and over again.

Im not one to cry but tears ran down my face as i sat on the ground gasping for air.

If someone were to see me i probably looked like a crack head, but i didn't care.

"Eleanor!" A familiar voice shouted frantically.

Jake ran up to me in pain, he too could feel what i was going through but he didn't feel it nearly as bad as i did. To him it probably only felt like a punch.

He wrapped his arms around me and growled "who the fuck rejected my sister!".

Only sobs escaped past my now chapped lips.

"Oh Ela, im so sorry. No one should have to go through this" he says softly as he pulls me closer to him.

"Im going to murder him once i find out who it is. In the mean time lets get you cleaned up."

He gently helps me off the floor and walks me back to our house. Luckily there were no pack members around to see how terrible i looked.

Once we got inside he walked me to my room and tucked me into bed, "I'll go get ice cream from the fridge" he says before leaving the room.

I snuggle into my sheets, i was crying that type of crying where you hiccup alot. Yeah, its not fun.

Jake later came back with two bowls filled with oreo ice cream and two spoons.

"Here" he says handing me the bowl.

I give him a thanks and take the bowl from him and started to stuff my face with ice cream.

"So who was it?" He asked after ten minutes of silence.

"Alpha cole. Which is why you can't say anything" i tell him.

I look over at a fuming jake, He looked ready to murder.

"Our alpha rejected his luna! More importantly my sister!" His voice was extremely deep which meant it was his wolf talking.

I sighed "there's nothing i can do about it."

What sucks is that while he finds a new luna Im forced to be their second in command and protect them with my life while i watch them live a happy life.

"Look in one month, after king Ares does his thing he does every four years, how about you and me take a trip. Shit how about we switch packs" he snorts.

Yes king Ares is named after a greek god.

"Jake we can't switch packs, im the beta" i say. He rolls his eyes "so? We can say your mate rejected you but we wont say who, and then the elders will let us move packs. Plus it'll give me a chance to find my mate" he says, saying the last part softly.

I sigh again, seems like that's all I've been doing lately.

"Fine. We'll see what we can do" i say.

Jake smiles "great! Okay but should we tell dad?" he asks. I quickly shake my head with wide eyes "no! Atleast not now. He'll try to fight alpha cole" i tell him.

Jake nods in agreement "true."

After talking for another twenty minutes jake got up to go do his night patrol he's ordered to do every night.

Hopefully he stays safe, i don't know what i would do if i lost my mate and my twin brother.

Just as i was about to fall asleep i felt a hot stabbing pain in my stomach. I gasped in shock, besides the rejection this was the worst pain i ever felt.

I doubled over in pain and groaned. It started getting worse and worse and soon i was hot and sweating all over.

I slammed my eyes closed and screamed between my clenched teeth.

Just as i closed my eyes i was seeing through someone elses eyes. There was a naked brunette under the person who's eyes i was seeing through.

It wasn't clear so i couldn't see who she was but i did know who the bastard was that was fucking her. My sweet charming mate.

Jake must be far away, because in order to feel each others pain and emotions we have to be within a certain distance.

I was alone and in pain.

My own mate, who is supposed to love me amd cherish me, is fucking some whore after rejecting me.

How cliché of him.


Hope you enjoyed!

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