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Jake led me towards the pack house in a comfortable silence.

"This is stupid. I can't wait til we leave" i mutter. Jake tenses up beside me and i stop walking.

"Spill" i growl out. He sighs and faces me but doesn't look at me, instead he's looking at the ground. "I found my mate yesterday, it was her birthday and she just turned nineteen. I can't leave ela, i don't have a good enough reason too" he says apologetically.

Mates can only find each other if both are nineteen or older, hence why alpha cole didn't know i was his mate til the day i turned nineteen.

I snort "of course" i say as i fold my arms. "You can still go though" he tells me.

I shake my head, tears threatening to fall. Geez why am i being such a cry baby lately?

"You're my twin brother and bestfriend. I can't leave you behind, we always stuck by each others side no matter what" i croak out.

Me and jake always had each others back and all growing up we were inseparable, i can't bare the thought of leaving him behind.

"Ela i want you to be happy. You don't deserve to feel sad" he says softly, almost pleadingly.

I growl "no jake. I won't leave, I'll just suck it up and live my life here as the beta of this pack" i say stubbornly before walking off to the pack house alone.

Once i make it inside there was about fifty non-mated women my age and up, standing in ten lines with five women in each line.

Everyone looked so beautiful and i probably looked like a potato compared to them.

Cole stood infront of all the girls and was facing them, he must be waiting. As I've seen previously before the beta stands next to the alpha, so that's exactly what i went to do.

Sensing im coming near him cole snaps his attention at me and freezes. I avoid his gaze and walk up to his side, my face void of any emotion.

"Alpha" i say coldy but respectfully bowing my head at him. He just grunts and focuses his attention back to the girls.

"Lady's thank you all for coming. You look lovely tonight. There are some rules i would like to lay down for you all. When king Ares arrives i expect you all on your best behavior, after all you will be representing our pack. Also when king Ares arrives you are to not talk to him unless of course you are his mate" he says his deep voice echoing throughout the pack house.

"Yes alpha" they all say.

"Also" he continues, "if King Ares happens to find his mate there will be a dinner prepared for all of us, so be aware of that. Have a good evening!" He finishes.

He then turns to me and says "there is a rogue spotted near the pack border. I need you to go check it out and be quick, he gets here in ten minutes".

"Do i bring the night patrol?" I ask.

"No. You can handle yourself, it's one simple rogue against a beta. You'll be fine" he says and walks away and up to a familiar brunette.

I huff before walking out the pack house. Deciding i didn't need my heels i quickly take them off and leave them by the front door before walking off into the forest.

'This is stupid' my wolf - Cloud- says in anger. I agree, i shouldn't be doing this alone.

"I swear if i die cause of you cole, i will come back to haunt you" i mutter to myself as i walk deeper into the forest.

Once i reach the territory line i sniff the air only to find nothing. There was no recent or stale scent of any rogue.

"That lying son of a bitch" i growl out. Why on earth did he send me over here, alone, when there is nothing.

"Well that wasn't very lady like" says a soft but firm voice.

I quickly turn around in alarm. A very tall and muscular man stood infront me. He was wearing a black tux with a gold crown on top of his dark brown hair and he had a sharp jawline that could practically cut anyone. Not literally.

To say he is beautiful would be and understatement. He looked like a whole frickin god.

He stared at me with his light blue eyes and smiled "what are you doing out here? Shouldn't you be inside?" He asks as he walks closer to me.

I silently gulp, why was i so nervous? Maybe cause he's the king.

"I.. um.." i say, my tongue twisting in knots and he just looks at me in amusement.

I clear my throat and say "alpha cole sent me to check for rogues".

He raises an eyebrow, "alone?" He asks. I shrug "well the night patrol is supposed to do this but he says i can take care of myself since im the beta" i tell him.

King Ares looks at me in shock "wow, female betas are rare. Im impressed". For some reason this compliment made me and my wolf feel all giddy inside.

A blush krept onto my face "uh thanks. I should take you to the pack house, so you can find your mate" i say quickly.

"Don't bother" he says while staring intensely at me.


Is it just me or does listening to music while reading make reading more better??

Also I'm sorry this chapter is very short. I'll try to make the next one longer! @anyone who's actually reading my book

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