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A/N: hey guys I'm really slow at editing this book because ya girl been going through ittttt😳, but I'll be trying to edit more often, I love how invested some people are into my book<3

I stare up at King Ares in confusion, "um why not?" I asked.

He chuckles before looking away "do you even know why this whole tradition of 'the king finds someone to claim' shit started?" He asks me.

I shake my head. For as long as anyone can remember all the kings go in search of someone to claim, no one actually knows if it's his true mate or not.

King Ares walks over to a fallen tree trunk and sits down, he gestures for me to do the same.

Obeying, i quickly walk over to the tree trunk and sit down giving us a good distance between us.

"Where are you shoes?" He asks with amusement while looking at my bare feet.

A blush creeps onto my cheeks and i quickly hide my feet underneath my red dress.

"Well i didn't feel like walking out here in those torture devices a.k.a heels" i tell him causing him to chuckle.

"Well anyways. Long ago before the time of werewolves the moon goddess would come down to earth in wolf form because that was the creature she loved the most. Wolves fascinated her. One day she came across a large black injured wolf. She, being the kind hearted person she was, healed the wolf. Eventually her wolf fell for the large black wolf so she one day she decided to allow him the ability to shift into a man, thus making him the first werewolf king. Also the first werewolf " he takes a deep breath before continuing.

"Over time her and the werewolf king fell in love, but it was forbidden for a goddess and a mortal to be together so the other gods and goddess banned them from seeing each other and cursed all the future kings or queens that they would be unable to have a mate" he says sadly.

A tear slid down my cheek. It's a sad story really.

Being ripped away from the man you love and risked everything for must suck.

"Thats why this tradition started. At first the kings or queens would just take whatever male or female they wanted to claim, even if they were mated or not. Then the elders finally casted a rule. The rule was that we can choose whoever we want but it can't be someone who's already mated or haven't met their mate yet. It had to be someone who was rejected or their mate has passed before they met them" he tells me.

Honestly i have no idea why the king of all werewolves is sitting down with me in the middle of the woods and sharing a sad story with me of all people.

"Im sorry to hear that. It must suck knowing there's no one destined for you" i say sympathetically, which could also sound like I was practically insulting him.

Even humans have a soulmate but they have mutiple "the one". Why couldn't anyone be allowed to love who they want? Love is love. Who cares what the race or gender is. Throughout history people were judged for who they fell in love with and society is only getting worse.

"Another thing. After the elders created this rule the moon goddess granted us a sixth sence. We can tell who has been rejected, or who has had their mate pass. Thus making it easier for us to claim someone" he adds.

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