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"Babe" I yelled through the house looking for Damien. Momma came to get the kids she always taking my babies. But Damien asked her she told me which is weird because he didn't tell me.

"Yeah babygirl" he was outside in the back smoking.

"Why you didn't tell me momma was coming to get the kids?" I fully went outside and sat on the chair next to him while he continue to smoke.

"Oh shit I forgot to tell you but I needed them to not be here today I need to handle something."

"Like what?" I hate when he doesn't tell me shit and he knows this.

"The boys are coming over because we need to handle something and Zena should be here soon."

"Okay what does that have to do with my kids? You still not telling me. You just keep saying I gotta handle business." I was lowkey getting an attitude.

"Alexis" he sighed.

"Damien" I rolled my eyes getting a little more aggravated.

"You trying to make it an issue when it's not baby I just needed to handle something baby I didn't want the kids here while doing it that's all. I'm sorry for not telling you baby it slipped my mind." I definitely wasn't expecting him to apologize that caught me off guard. I see his therapy classes worked thank goodness.

"I'm not but can you tell me instead of saying you handling business" what is it that he don't want to tell me how bad can it be that he beating around the bush.

"Baby you trust me" I was caught off guard by that whatever it is must be bad that he not telling me.

"Yes Damien I do but you making me a little worried"

"Don't worry baby just know I got you okay. Now hush up and give me a kiss" I shook my head but got up to sit on his lap to give him a kiss.

"So demanding. What time does this girl get here?" I said referring to Zena I don't like that bitch.

"She should be on her way. How do you honestly feel about Kannon?"

"Well we wasn't together so you didn't cheat on me so I don't feel no way. I'm excited to meet him it's your son you know I love kids especially my boys. We together now which means he will be around I will love him like he was my own son." Honestly I'm not mad because me and Damien definitely wasn't together so it's really no reason for me to be mad even if he did cheat I know that would be my kids sibling so I couldn't be mad at the child he is innocent.

"I'm so lucky to have you I swear I don't even know why I was dumb as fuck in the past" I wanted to say me either took you two got damn years but whatever.

"Well that was the past and we are over that we are working towards the future and making sure the mistakes you made in the past won't happen now"

"I know babygirl I'm just happy we back together I was tired of not being with you" I just laughed this man is crazy.

"Me too I'm happy we back together because I was two seconds away from beating Zena ass and I didn't want to out of respect for you." Because I know Damien he would of found any reason to fight Marc.

"That bitch so annoying but I know at the twins party I could tell you was fed up that's why I had to check her" I laughed remembering that day.

"You definitely did check her but I couldn't believe you did it in front of everyone"

"She was getting me mad disrespecting you for no reason. You didn't disrespect her at all we was separated but she still thought you wanted me. Little did she know I would of dropped her the second you said you wanted me back. No bitch compare to you Ion know why they try."

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