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The hotel we got to was very luxurious but the beds were not so comfortable. The king only payed for two rooms which had two beds in each room.

Elijah and the two other dudes, who's names i didn't know, went in one room while i was stuck in the other room with the king.

Lucky for me we got seperate beds so i wasn't forced to share a bed with him but i was still not happy at the whole situation.

I sat on my bed waiting for king Ares to be done using the restroom. I was eager to get out of this dress and into comfortable clothes.

The door to the restroom opened revealing king ares with basketball shorts on and his wet hair sticking up in all directions.

Not gonna lie but he looked extremely hot, but we're not about to admit that to him.

I quickly get up to go to the restroom but before i could im grabbed by the king on my upper arm.

"Look im sorry for taking you against your will, but like I've said before once us kings make up our mind there is no changing it" he says as he gazes down at me with a pleading look in his eyes.

I roll my eyes "you really think im just gonna be all fine and dandy after you kidnap me? Well you're sadly mistaken my friend. Now let go so i can shower and change."

He growls not liking my disrespect but lets go and walks to his bed. I sigh and shut the door to the bathroom, i made sure to lock it cause you never know what he might try and do.

After taking a much needed shower i put on grey sweats and a white over sized t-shirt. With a hanger i found, i hung up the dress i was wearing.

After brushing my hair and teeth i made my way back into the room.

The king was already asleep as i made my way to my own bed. Once i got comfortable under the covers my eyes began to droop.

I looked out the window and watched as the sun began to set, creating a red and orangish color in the sky.

Sooner or later i was being pulled into darkness.


"Eleanor" a deep voice whispered and suddenly i was being poked on the cheek.

I grumbled and turned my body to face the other side. Just as i think i was finally able to fall back asleep i was being poked in the face again.

"Wake up" the voice said again and I groaned and reluctantly opened my eyes.

King Ares is standing infront of me, his face extremely close to mine. I quickly get up and move back to create some distance between us. This caused him to frown at me.

"We have a five hour drive ahead of us, i suggest you use the restroom now because we aren't stopping" he tells me as he slips on a black muscle shirt.

A five hour drive? That's gonna be so boring especially since i don't have my phone and none of the guys i was riding with yesterday talk... well expect for elijah.

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