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i apologize deeply to everyone who has already become invested in this story and myself, to whom i have promised that i would finish this one.

i cannot continue this story anymore. i simply just don't have the time or capability to do it.

but roughly this is how the story would end:

jen was starting to doubt whether she wanted to continue her relationship with lisa.

was a relationship with someone she couldn't talk to, or see, or even touch most of the time something that she wanted in the long run? was it worth all the pain and doubts and tremendous amount of faith?

meanwhile, as jennie started to doubt everything and demanded more from her, lisa tried looking for ways to get rid of her frustration at the club. she met a lot of her old flings there and started to miss her old lifestyle without being constantly worried whether what she was doing would hurt someone else's feelings or not.

liz finally ended things with jen saying that the older girl was unsatisfiable. that even tho being loved by her was one of the greatest feeling in the world and she was one of the most important people in her life, it also meant that being doubted and told off by her the most hurt she had ever felt in her life.

jen gave back saying that liz was too young and childish for her. she was careless and often do and say a lot of things without thinking it through first.

maybe it was what jen truly felt, or maybe it was just her saying things to hurt the younger girl back.

and maybe it was what liz truly felt, or maybe it was that girl that had been all up on her the night before that made her daring enough to say it.

and of course, lisa would regret it as soon as her brain registered the fact that she had hurt the only person she loved more than anything else in the world.

but welp, jen was gone already.

jen's father would find out, and u know how asian parents are with the queer community. he'd bring her back, and despite wanting to come back to lisa and reconcile, she would still decide that her family always came first

jen would lead the company like she was born to be, and liz would be a photographer like she always wanted.

they'd meet again on another photographer's newest exhibition. jen with her baby boy and husband, and liz with her long-term girlfriend.

the fact is, my ma told me not to continue this story. she said it was no use for me to write things that wouldn't result in money.

i understand that our situation is a bit complicated for the time being, but for a while, writing this story was the only thing i felt proud and relieved of doing.

despite the amount of times i have cringed while re-reading this story, it has truly become a pleasure to walk this far with you all.

thank u for everything. coz of y'all i have learned a lot and grown a lot.

y'all are a blessing.

till we meet again?

infinity. // jenlisa.Where stories live. Discover now