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Sophia's POV
It was about 3Pm when we got home and I took a shower. I took a look in the mirror and I could see my ribs clearly. It was slightly better than when I was back in my old pack. I wrapped the towel over my hair and walk out to see Titus sitting on our bed and two omegas by the door.

"Luna," they said bowing their head in submission.

"Hello," I say. They lift their heads and I give them a small smile. They quickly smile then look back down at the floor.

"They're here to help you get ready for tonight," he said. I nod and he gets up.

"I'll see you tonight," he whispers as he kisses my forehead lightly.

"You're not going to escort me down to the front?" I question. He lightly chuckles and shakes his head.

"That's Jacob's and Brody's job. One on either side of you that way your not lonely," he said. I smile and nod.

"Love you," I said as he opened the door to leave.

"Love you too," he smiles and walks out and shuts the door. The two omegas stood there waiting for my instructions.

"What is your names?" I ask. They lift up their heads slightly to look at me but don't make eye contact. The petite blond spoke up first.

"My name is Natasha," she said. I complimented her name then the brunette spoke up next.

"My name is Cassie," she says. I compliment her name and I smile.

"Don't be afraid to speak up. I bet Titus is fierce but I'm not as harsh as him."

Titus' POV
I grab two guards Brody to follow me down to the dungeon. I had Nikolai tie up Lyra and Evan(the warrior) in silver cuffs and let them hang there till I got back. I grab the keys off of the guards and opened the cell up and uncuffed  them. I threw the keys back to Brody and grabbed onto Lyra by her neck.

"You have one minute to explain your motive before I make both of y'all rouges I growl. Evan stayed on the ground and coughed.

"The bitch Sophia was taking you away from me," she choked out weakly. I scoff and drop her.

"Wrong answer," I growl. "From this point on both of you are no longer part of my pack and you will not join any other packs. You have 5 minutes to get out of pack borders before I send border patrol on you," I growl. I felt them release from the pack and they growl and quickly run out of the dungeon.

"Give then three minutes then chase then out of pack borders, after 5 minutes they are not out, have your fun with them," I growl.

"I just got a link from Jacob you need to get ready now. They already started filling the ball room in," Brody said. I nod and make my way out of the dungeon.

"I'll link you when Sophia is ready," I said and storm my way out.

Sophia's POV
Natasha finishes zipping up the back of my ball gown dress while Cassie did the finishing touches to my hair and my make up. It was a red, off-shoulder dress. Ithad a very poofy skirt, I but I could fit Tala and Laura underneath it. To think about it, I haven't seen Tala since I got back.

"You look beautiful Luna," Cassie complimented. I thanked her then there was two knocks at the door. Natasha quickly opened the door and lowered her head in submission.

"Beta, Gamma," they both said. Brody nodded and came into the room followed by Jacob.

"Wow that's a vey big skirt," Brody laughs as he looks at me. Jacob lets the omegas leave and he smiles at me.

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