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the next day, after tony nearly died again, the rest of the avengers that were present and in good health, were able to fly to where thanos was, hopefully to resnap the stones and undo the damage.

before they landed, steve flipped out his newly renovated compass. what used to only be a picture of peggy was replaced by a picture of delilah as well, two of the girls he loved.

"this is going to work, steve." natasha said, trying to be reassuring.

he nodded, looking forward, "i know it will. because i don't know what i'm going to do if it doesn't."

but now, he was going to have to find something to do. it didn't work out. thanos had used the stones to destroy the stones, there was nothing left to do.

5 years later...

steve sat in the chair of an open room at the met's stadium, leading a support group for those affected by the snap.

one man, was talking about how he went on a date, but the snap seemed to be the only thing they talked about. somehow, no matter the topic, it always came back to the snap.

"that's it. that's the little brave baby steps we have to take to try to become whole again, to try to find a purpose. i went in the ice in '45 right after i met the love of my life and woke up seventy years later. but you have got to move on, got to move on. the world is in our hands, it's left to us, guys. we got to do something with it, otherwise, thanos should have killed all of us."

slowly everyone filed out of the room, steve stayed later, as always. he only did it just incase anyone else wanted to talk, it was never his own choosing. for the first time, someone actually approached him, but it was someone he knew.

oliver came, he sat there and declined to talk. he knew what he did was wrong and he knew that he hurt steve's best friend, so in truth he wasn't sure what to do.

"oliver?" steve asked, silently hoping it was him.

"the one and only." he offered a weak smile, his hands holding something behind his back.

"what are you doing here?"

he shrugged, "i shoved away my feelings and my thoughts for five years. i need help, cap. god, i really miss them. i really miss her."

"me too."

"do you really though?" oliver asked, looking the captain deep in the eyes, "have you ever thought of getting any therapy for yourself?"

"what are you talking about?"

"you're clueless."

"you're a cheater." he snapped, still upset for bucky.

"we're not playing the name game here, steven."

the captain just rolled his eyes, "then what are we doing?"

"if you really miss delilah, or bucky, or sam why don't you actually talk about them? i mean, jesus christ, steve! peggy didn't die in the snap, she's been dead for a good while now."

"you don't get to tell me how to grieve, oliver."

"that's cute, steve, really cute to act like you grieved at all."

"what the hell do you think you know?" steve snapped, so close to his breaking point.

"we had a funeral and i invited you. you got the text, i know it because you read it. natasha came and you didn't. you refuse to talk about her or even look at pictures of her. ignoring the fact that she's dead isn't grieving, steve."

a tear rolled down his face, "i just got her back and then i lost her."

"i know, at least you got her back."

"if you're going to tell me that there's plenty of other fish in the sea, i'm going to drop kick you."

oliver laughed, "i would never. i don't think we're going to get over her. well, at least i won't."

"me neither. what are you here for?"

the smaller man reached behind his back and pulled out a flash drive, steve didn't know how to use it, but he knew nat did.

"i've listened to this damn thing for five years. believe it or not, before she was a photographer she came to new york to be a singer. nothing really happened, but we recorded all of these to send to record labels. i can't listen to it anymore," he began to cry, handing the flash drive to steve, "i just can't."

steve chuckled, "and what makes you think i can?"

"i wouldn't give it to you if i didn't think you could handle it. she's gone, steve. nobody can get her back and nobody could save her. i'm sorry, but it's like you said, we have to move on. not like you need a new girlfriend and i need a new best friend because i have a feeling that if we did do that she would haunt us."

"she would definitely haunt us."

oliver turned and began to walk away, "i just really think you need some closure."

after he was gone steve just kept his eyes down on the flash drive, a sad look plastered upon his face.

"i guess i do."

time skip to when my mf favs are about to go back in time,,, like a day before i guess idk i'm not good at writing

slowly and with a slight but of reluctance, steve made his way to delilah's grave. he visited it quite a lot, but never told anyone where he was going. he just needed his time alone with her,

there were sunflowers placed on her grave, showing their shining yellow heads. it was a nice thing to do, whoever left them had a good heart, but steve kind of hated it. sunflowers symbolized the happiness and all that was good in the world, but with delilah gone, so was the happiness and all that was good in the world.

he got down and kneeled in front of the grave, running his fingers over her name that was engraved in the headstone.

delilah sol everly
daughter, avenger, lover
"rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine."

"hey, delilah, it's steve. again. it's been five years and maybe it's just me, but this isn't getting any easier. everything kind of sucks without you. clint came back, he's doing okay, he kind of went on a murder spree. which pisses me off because his was totally voluntary and tony thought that was all good, but when bucky was under brainwashing it was totally evil. i met morgan, tony's daughter, and delilah is her middle name. she was pretty proud of it too, tony told her about you. i really miss you, baby. but i'm always going to miss you because when you died, i think a part of me died too. there's a chance, though. there's a chance that we can undo the snap, i can bring you back. i promise, delilah sol, i promise. and i know that if you were here you'd make me pinky promise. i'll get you back because i'm so tired of rolling over in bed to kiss you and you're not there. and i'm so goddamn tired of talking to a fucking rock instead of you! i'm not giving up on you, delilah. i cannot and i will not give up on you. i love you so much."

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