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Roseanne West

"Are you ready for my vows?" Ares asked and I looked at him suspicious. I nodded and I turned to the priest nervously because I'm so afraid that Ares will say something stupid.

"Honey.. baby.. my love.. my beautiful lovely Roseanne West.. We met in a really crazy way at first. I don't need to tell the details to all of the people in the church especially in front of Jesus." He said and everyone laughed. I face palmed myself completely embarassed.

"We started our relationship roughly and then I started to fall for you each day even though you hella cold and act like I'm a deadly virus. After that, we started to share our journey together through up and down and man.. at last I got you on my palm." He smirked and I chuckled looking at his expression.

"I love you honey baby boo. I will love you till I die..not only you but little Ares too. I mean.. I can't believe that you're preggggggggggnant." He said and people were whispering to each other after that.

"Ares!!" I hissed and he chuckled.

"Yes people.. my wife.. I mean.. my future wife in 2 seconds is preggggggggnant!"

"Ares!!" I looked at him disbelief.

"Sorry." He immediately apologized.

"I love you to death, Roseanne. I will love you always through all ups and downs in life, thick and thin, rich or poor.. and everything that try to get in our way.. I will always love you." He said and he turned to the priest signaling that he's done with his vow. I can't believe that he just did that. The priest turned to me to give a signal that it's my cue to say my vows now.

"Ares Collin, you came into my life completely unexpected. I thought I don't need anyone to come into my life because I was so afraid that they will leave me. I was heart broken, fragile and I was not ready to be in a relationship with someone. Even after 7 years, I was still grieving for my mom. I missed her and I thought I will stay alone with my dad, my brother and my sister in law forever but God had another plan for me." I said as I looked at Ares seriously and he smiled while rubbing my hands trying to calm me down because tears filled my eyes already.

"Thankyou for fighting for me, for being there for me, for bringing the best in me and for everything that you've done for me. Thankyou for making me believe in love and understand that love is. I love you so much. I will always love you till I die, I will love you in any conditions that we will have in life.. I will love you and our baby eternaly and I promise you that I will make you happy forever till the last second of my breath." I cried and Carrie gave me a tissue right away. I chuckled a little bit and I patted my tears gently.

"I love you and I don't care if pigs can fly or maybe aliens invading this world.. I will always love you, Ares Collin." I ended my vows and he hugged me briefly. He smiled to me and tried to wiped my tears.

"Well.. now.. I pronounce you both husband and wife! You may kiss the bride." The priest said and Ares kissed me that second. I was happy.. more than happy. I can't wait to have a forever life with Ares by my side and the future baby in my stomach. I love them both forever.

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