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"So how come you get to wear regular clothes?" I ask Ares as we pull up to the castle.

A while ago  he had gotten mad at me for calling him "king Ares" so he said to either call him "babe" or "Ares" and i went  with calling him Ares.

"Because they've seen me before and are used to me being like this. You on the other hand they've never seen before and first impressions matter" he replies before getting out of the car and going to the other side to open the door for me.

I mutter a thank you and followed him down a stone pathway that led to a large set of stairs.

Flowers bloomed on each side of the stairs and a few bloomed in between the cracks on the stairs.

Ares comes to a stop at two large wooden doors, "just so you know once we get inside they'll all be waiting to greet you" he whispers.

I nod my head and Ares slowly opens the large wooden doors. The smell of wolves hit me like a ton of bricks and i looked around nervously at the hundred pairs of eyes that looked at me.

"So this is the royal pack? There's alot" I whisper quietly to Ares causing  him to quietly chuckle. 

"There's about eight  hundred members" he informs and my eyes widen in shock. The most my previous pack had was three hundred.

"Good evening members of the royal pack! As you all know I've found the one i wanted to claim and make queen. Her name is Eleanor Rivera and she's originally from the mythical moon pack. She was their former beta and well technically luna but she wasn't officially made their luna due to complications" Ares deep voice booms through the entire room.

Everyone looks at me in wonder, some with awe.

"So she's a natural born leader!" A pack member shouts causing everyone to nod and chuckle in agreement.

I look at Ares with nervousness "you don't expect me to give a speech, right? Cause you basically just told them who i was already" i whisper so only Ares can hear but with their werewolf hearing I'm sure they heard me loud and clear.

He looks at me and smiles "no you don't have to. Although when we do the ceremony then you have to give a speech" he tells me.

I look at him with wide eyes "one i did not agree to a speech and two i am not completing the mating crap with you" i hiss out quietly, my face red with embarrassment at the thought of having to do the dirty deed with this man.

"One you really have no choice and two don't worry it's not gonna be happening anytime soon so take a chill pill" he says while rolling his eyes.

He turns back to the pack members and says "everyone will get the chance to meet her at dinner tomorrow but for now you guys are to not bother her. We've had a long trip" he says with authority laced in his voice.

Everyone bows before scurrying off to god knows where.

"Come, im gonna show you where you will be sleeping" he says and gestures for me to follow.

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