Chapter 21 : Poles Apart

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Few days later

Lavanya knew something was bothering Vihaan, but he refused to share it with her. It did hurt her that he choose not to confide in her and at the same time she did understand that it isn't easy for him to open up to others. So she remained patient with him and never demanded answers from him .

As she walked inside the college, her mind wandered as it was caught in a dilemma of its own. Lavanya loved her family and always looked forward to spend time with them, so when her aunt called and invited her for her cousin birthday. She had a reason to go home. Everyone knew Arnav bhai was heading for Army in two months .

So they did want to celebrate this birthday a bit more extravagant inviting all his friends and family , and yet Kavya his sister would be the one who couldn't make it back for his birthday. A fact that bothered Kavya a lot since she confided in Lavanya last night. Which made Lavanya attendance kind of a necessity as no one know whether Gauri would attend or not given their break up .

Yet Lavanya didn't want to leave Vihaan when she knows something was on his mind, her thought process came to a halt when she saw him standing before her class. He was smiling at her which relieved her fear to an extent, but when she told him about the trip back home his face fell .

" Whose birthday party? " Akash voice chirped in from out of now where that they both turned to greet him . And Lavanya explained it to him as well, it was Akash who suggested that the three of them should go as Akash wanted to visit his grandparents as well.

Lavanya who was in a dilemma about leaving Vihaan was excited about it, but Vihaan didn't share the enthusiasm until Akash sweet talked him into accepting it. It was because of Akash, Lavanya was able to bring Vihaan back home with her even for a short stay .

While she was excited about it, she was also nervous. She didn't want to hide the change in their realtionship with her family and she had hoped to tell them in person, but she was reluctant about it since she wanted Vihaan to be welcomed in to her family and so worried about their reaction.

The three of them landed in the airport and Lavanya knew her father would be waiting for her, she didn't hesitate to rush towards him as soon as her eyes landed on him and only after greeting her father did she turn around to look at Akash and Vihaan behind her.

" I would have loved to drive you back home, but I have to go to court for a trial. You can take the car. I just wanted to greet you first " her father words melted her heart as always, no matter how busy his schedule had been he would always prioritize her first.

" I am glad you came, but we will drop you in court first and then will head back home. We are not even tired " Lavanya answered back, she didn't ask for Akash or Vihaan opinion but she hoped they will understand.

When Akash spotted his father car, he rushed in to with the offer to drive and Vihaan took the front seat beside Akash, leaving Lavanya content with her father in the back seats . The whole ride she noticed the tension in his face, but he still kept up with her chatter as she talked non stop .

" You are worried Papa ?" She asked when they almost reached the court, she knew her father usually never share the details of the case he was working on as it usually dealt with violence and cruelty.

" Actually Yes, the victim's brother is someone I know from college and I want to win it for him. He already feels bad that his sister died and I am worried if justice failed him, he will take it into his hands " her father words were spoken in his calm tone yet she understood the underlaid worry in them.

" You have never lost a case before papa, don't worry you will win this time around as well " Lavanya rushed to reassure him but she knew he wasn't convinced, something must be bothering him but she didn't have time to ask further because they reached the court.

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