seven: who's namjoon?

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"Y/N!" Someone shouted your name, but you knew that voice all to well.

Turning around you were met with jimin. He came running towards you, beautiful smile displayed on his handsome face and hair jumping as he ran.

You opened up your arms as jimin ran into you engulfing you in a huge hug. You giggled as Jimin lifted you from the ground, swinging you in his arms. Shocked at how jimin carried you so effortlessly.

"Well, you sure missed me" you piped as jimin placed you back on your feet. "I did, but there is someone else who missed you more" jimin said, smiling brightly.

You didn't have time to question your friend when you felt a hard chest hit your head and suffocate  you. The person hugged you tightly, "I missed you so much" the voice said. You for sure knew the person was a 'He' but had no clue who the voice belonged to.

"Bro, let her go. You suffocating her" jimin laughed.

"Oh shit" the boy let go and you gasped out loudly. Breathing heavy, you caught a glimpse of the boy and your eyes narrowed examining him. The light bulb switched on and you threw your arms over the boys shoulder and pulled him into you.

"Minho, you little shit" you said squealing, so happy to see the younger boy.

Lee Minho. The little shit you loved and thought of as a younger brother. The day you met minho was at Jimins family barbeque. The boy teased you a lot back then but that didn't stop you to tease the boy back, showing him who's the boss. Minho didn't tell anyone he was being bullied until the day you saw him getting punched and thrown to the ground on your way home. You were never one for violence but seeing minho in distress pissed you off. You never felt so triggered and angry in your entire life. You didn't know were you got the confidence, but you walked up to the boy and punched him the hardest that you could. The boy stumbled to the floor, you pulled minho up and ran as fast as you could with him, who struggled to catch up. Minho made an oath to you and himself that he would always protect you no matter what path in life you take. He would literally drop everything to help you.

"You missed me didn't you?" you pointed at him with a teasing smile. He smiled hugely and pulled you into his arms again.

"Of course I missed you"

You both giggled, poking each other and hitting each other playfully. You looked up at the boy and gaped at him. "Boy, you've grown."

Minho puffed out his chest, standing straighter and looking down at you to make himself look more taller. "Glad you noticed. I'm taller than Jimin over here" he said pointing towards Jimin, who glared back at him.

"Sorry to interrupt this lovely reunion," Jimin forced a smile "but we better get going. You don't wanna starve y/n"

You clicked your tongue. "Liar. You are the one who is starving" you said crossing your arms over your chest.

Jimin rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"Whatever, let's go" jimin said grabbing your hand only to be snatched by Minho. Jimin stared at Minho, who gave the older a innocent smile. Minho pulled you forward and you two walked hand in hand to the café, jimin trailing behind.


"Well I'm stuffed" you said patting your belly.

"Already? I'm just getting started" you watched as Minho gobbled down his food, practically inhaling it. You glanced over at at jimin who wore the same expression as you;shock.

You scrunched up your face in disgust. "That's gross" you pointed at minho, who was too busy to notice your comment.

You turned your head, not wanting to see how minho ate, you looked out the window and watched people passing by. You watched how people walked quickly down the street to get to their destination, people laughing as their phone was taped to their ear, others talking to their companions and a few who were alone staring at nothing.

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