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Pain. That's all i could feel as I'm on the cold hard floor clutching my stomach. I had fallen asleep and woke up to an agonizing pain in my stomach.

Tears rolled down my hot cheeks and sweat ran down the side of my face. I muffled my screams by clenching my teeth shut. I didn't want anyone to hear me, that's just embarrassing.

That bastard was doing it again. What makes it even sadder is that he knows what he's doing to me. He knows what he is doing is effecting me.

He never showed me the mercy of marking her and officially ending the bond.

Due to the amount of pain i was in i hadn't realized Ares knocking on my door and calling out my name. I couldn't answer him as my tongue was tied in knots and wouldn't form any words.

The door swung open revealing a frantic looking Ares.

"Oh my goddess, Eleanor!" he cried out and quickly dropped to his kness beside me and pulled me towards him.

His large arms wrapped around me creating a sense of warmth and safety.

"Make it stop" i whimpered as my wolf howled in pain. She rarely ever talked to me since the rejection of our mate, i missed her deeply.

"Shh calm down I've got you" he whispered calmly and hugged me tighter.

"Why can't he just fuckin mark the bitch!" I shouted and snarled viciously. My wolf was angry and hurt, she wanted the bitch who was fucking her mate to suffer and she wanted to make cole suffer.

The pain finally subsided but i could feel that he still did not mark her.

"Eleanor if this keeps up there's a chance you could die" Ares voice was deeper signalling it was his wolf talking and in control.

I looked up into his golden eyes, they held rage and sadness.

"I know you do not love me yet or even like me in that way, but i promise that I'll be the mate you always wanted, the mate you deserve. You may not feel it but ever since I've layed my eyes on you and decided to claim you.. i feel drawn to you. Seeing you in pain hurts me, eleanor" his wolf said as his voice cracked at the end.

I looked away from Ares and looked down at my trembling hands.

Should i give him a chance? Is it stupid for me to hold a grudge against him?

"Eleanor look at me" he commanded, this time it was Ares who was in control.

I looked up into his light blue eyes, sadness still evident in them.

"I don't care how long it takes for you to fall for me. I will wait for you, for you have been my mate since the minute i decided to claim you. Since the minute cole rejected you, you were no longer his. Please give me a chance, give us a chance" he pleaded softly.

"Look just think about it, for now get some rest. We have a dinner in a few hours" he said tenderly as he helped me off the floor and back into bed.

"Wait what time is it?" I asked, my voice coming out somewhat raspy.

"12:35pm" he says as he looks at the watch on his wrist.

My eyes widened, I slept all night and practically half the day?!

"You slept so long that i had came to check on you. That's why i was at your door" he says while chuckling.

"Anyways go back to sleep for like three more hours. I'll have maids come wake you and get you dressed for dinner later, also i have a surprise for you and i think you're going to like it" he says with a grin before softly closing my door.


Instead of going back to sleep like Ares wanted me to i decided to wonder around the room.

I had found a one hundred piece puzzle and brought it over to a small desk in the room and began working on it.

I was so focused on my puzzle that when the sound of someone knocking on my door which echoed throughout the room, caused me to jump in surprise and ended up bashing my knee against the table making all the puzzle pieces to fall onto the floor.

"You've got to be kidding me! i worked so hard on that" i whined.

The door softly opened and Elijah peaked his head through the door "my apologies my queen" he chuckled.

I sent him a death glare before picking up the puzzle pieces off of the floor.

"So do you know what you are wearing to dinner?" He asks as he walks over to wear im standing.

"Um i didn't get the chance to pick anything" i say sheepishly. "Excellent! That means i get to help you!" He says with excitement.

"I thought Ares was sending a maid to help me" i say with confusion.

"You'll be fine. Plus im gay it's not like I'd try and make a move on you" he says with a shrug. "Now come, we have to make you look amazing" he says and pulls my towards my closet.

After an hour of putting on a mini fashion show, elijah and i settled for a simple spaghetti strapped black dress that stopped above my knees, because I'm basic like that and mostly because I didn't want to over dress.

"Heels or sandels?" He asks holding up a pair of black pumps and black sandels. "Sandels. I don't want to look like im going to the club" i say.

I grab the sandels from elijah and place them on my feet. "Lets straighten your hair" he commands and whips out a hair straightener.

After almost an hour of straightening my hair we had five minutes to spare.

"Im glad Ares chose you" elijah says catching me off guard.

"How come?" I ask with a small grin. "Because you're one of the few that don't judge me for being gay" he says with a shrug.

"Hey love is love. The moon goddess created you that way for a reason, who am i to judge?" I say as i pull him in for a hug.

"Thanks my queen. Shall we go down to the dining room? Everyone is waiting" he informs me.

"We shall" i say and loop my arm through his as he leads me down to the dining room.


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