Chapter 43

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  She wishes to protect me because the darker, twisted side of herself craves to devour me. 

  I have realized this only now, how badly her body aches to give into the longing that burns within her eyes, the fire no longer veiled by another empty expression. She was a wildfire.

  Holding me against the wall, her quick, uneven breath hits against my lips, intense gaze tangled within my body, pulling into my push. The tide in her eyes turned; a deeper, ocean-in-the-storm blue that shook me to the core and placed me underneath her, willing to do anything she wants, if her eyes would coax me to.

"If you want me in that shower..." She leans towards me, restraining herself from caving in completely. Her words spoken as soft as snow, yet as passionate as a furnace. "'ll have to do something that'll drive me crazy."

Something that'll drive her crazy?

Luna raises her arms above her head and looks at me with a suggestive smirk, her eyes glinting with amusement. "Nothing is off limits," she taunts.

Black lace reveals itself as she stretches her arms above her head, and suddenly my mind floods with things I could do to her. I'll have to do something absolutely wicked.

"If that's what you want..."

I approach her calmly, veiling my intentions as her eyes reignite and dance with excitement as I close the distance between us.

I outstretch my hand out to caress her beautiful lips with my fingers, as if I were to kiss her, though I wasn't yet.
As soon as my finger connects with her skin, she takes a sudden inhale, shakily exhaling with anticipation. It's so sexy to wind her up like this... I slowly press my leg up in between her thighs, and she whimpers euphorically, her warmth building up and climbing heights against the pressure.

I gently tug the lace upward from her soft hips and shake her, back and forth, her body trembling as an suggestive red creeps up her cheeks.

She looks at me with defeat in her eyes for a moment, breathless and trapped against the wall. "Wait..."

I continue with harsh kisses against her neck, her vanilla scent driving me crazy. She pushes against my body in an attempt to recollect her words.

"H-Hold on..." she pants. "I... forgot something."

I back off of the wall, and she immediately slides down it, a hot, trembling mess. "Fuck..."

"What... what'd you forget?" I ask breathlessly, my hair tousled.

She looks up at me hesitantly. "Well, Chloe gave us another gift. I'll go get it."
She smiles warmly before composing herself and leaving through the bathroom door.

... I'm alone.

I clutch my chest, throbbing.

I feel something warm... on my leg?

I look down and right where my leg had pressed against hers, was this slick, clear liquid? That's strange... wait.

Fuck. That's from Luna.

I am quite startled, that is, until I am hit by a wave of arousal that takes me over, my hand sliding down the curves my body to confirm that I am in the same hot and bothered state that she is in.

But then as the sudden tingle of pleasure rises up my spine, perhaps from the drugs, my hand becomes a mind of its own, moving just so it strikes the sweetest spot on my body. I bite my lip in a failed attempt to stop the sounds from streaming out of my mouth too quickly.

Suddenly, I hear the shower turn on, water misting my skin.


I open an eye and Luna is standing red-faced, clutching the shower handle tightly.

Oh... OH NO!!

Embarrassed, I shoot up quickly, exclaiming, "Sorry! I-I... how long have you been standing there?"

Awkwardly, she motions me over.
"It's okay, well..."

I shield my face with my hands, ignoring the mischief I jut picked up in her eyes.
You were indecent with yourself in front of her, you Pervert P-


Oh, Chloe's gift... I slowly lower my hands and keep one eye open as she takes her other arm out from behind her back, revealing a small black box.

She lifts it open and...

...oh, wow.

I let out a gasp as she takes my hand and pulls me in, sliding her shirt over her body as water trickles down her skin, followed by her leggings.
I couldn't help but stare as she unclips her bra, and suddenly lace slips past her ankles.

She leans in and kisses me, while I stand in place, frozen. The water against us soon fades. Vanilla and honeydew fills my senses, my mouth, and I moan softly, appreciating the taste, while secretly wondering what she may taste like otherwise.
As I bite her bottom lip, I realize that I don't want it to wonder anymore. I want to taste.

I lower to my knees, her hands trembling on the back of my head, which tilts up towards her.
"Just one lick, I promise."

She hesitates. "I..."

"Baby, please?"

She lets out a tensed breath. "Yes... fuck."

My tongue slides from her thighs up to the gates of heaven and leaves her gasping for breath as she rests herself onto me, her moans making my self-restraint slip away. One stroke accidentally becomes two, then three... maybe four was intentional...

And the taste was delicious. Her nectar as sweet as her lips, her scent, her raspy voice... everything.

"Summer, sit down..."

I hold onto her beautifully curved hips and lower myself onto the tile floor, looking up at her for further directions.

Her thighs tremble as she whispers, "Fuck, I'm almost there..."

Sitting with my back against the shower wall, I lick my lips as she kisses me passionately, body on top of mine.

I freeze as I notice that she holds the gift in her hand, my eyes flickering to her sadistic smile.

"You're so good at that, Summer... however..." she remarks as she turns it on.

"You first."


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