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~ Eleanor~

The smell of mouth watering foods caught my attention as elijah led me inside the dining room.

"Eleanor! My love" Ares voice boomed throughout the room as he walked up to me.

He wore a black expensive looking tux with his hair slicked back.

"You look lovely" he said and gently placed a kiss on my hand causing me to blush.

"Eli thanks for helping my mate find something to wear" he says and elijah nods before walking off to go talk to one of the pack members.

"Now for your surprise" he says before his posture goes straight and his eyes cloud over. He was mind linking someone.

Not a second later, a guard walked in with my father and jake beside him.

They both wore a white button up shirt with a black jeans. Some wolves began to eye them with suspicion and curiosity.

A red head behind jake caught my attention. She clung to jakes arm as if her life depended on it.

Must be his mate.

Jake sniffed the air and his eyes landed me, "Ela!" He said happily and he broke out in a large grin as he ran up to me.

"I missed you" he said as he pulled me into a hug. My father walked quickly up to us with jakes mate trailing behind him.

"It's only been like two and a half days" i giggled.

Jake gasped "only two and a half days?! Do you know how long that is for me to not see my twin sister?" He shouted dramatically.

"Son keep your voice down" my father scolds, he was now standing beside jake. "Hey dad" i say as i pull my father in for a hug.

He hugs me back tightly and says "is he treating you right?". I glance over at Ares who was just awkwardly standing there and nodded, "yeah i guess so" i tell him.

"Good good. You know alpha cole wanted to come with us but your brother here made sure he didn't" my father chuckles.

I frown, "well im glad he didn't" i growl.

No way in hell did i want him anywhere near me.

"Anyways, we have to introduce you to someone" jake chimes in and beckons the redhead towards him.

"This is my mate Molly. molly this is my twin sister. The one i told you about" he introduces.

She looks at me with wide eyes and bows her head "my queen" she says, causing me to blush.

"You don't have to bow to me. Im your sister in law" I tell her and She quickly nods her head before clinging back on to jake.

"So are we gonna eat or what?" My brother asks and I roll my eyes.

"Of course. Please take a seat" Ares says after awkwardly standing next to me in silence.

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