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~King Ares~

I watched Eleanor walk off towards the restroom while trying to wipe off the champagne with a napkin.

I let out a soft chuckle, she was too cute.

After she had left the pack went back to having their own conversations instead of eavesdropping on ours.

"So" Richard said as he cleared this throat. "What are your intentions with my daughter?" He asks with seriousness.

Really he's gonna question me infront of my pack?

I look at him and press my lips together in a thin line "to love her like a mate should and make her my queen" i tell him.

Jake eyes me with suspicion making my wolf growl at the back of my head.

"I don't care if you're the king but if you ever hurt her I'll have your head" Jake threatened.

I clenched my jaw and closed my eyes, my wolf wanted free. If this wasn't Eleanors twin brother i would've had him thrown in the cells for threatening me, But i know she would not like that.

"It is not wise to threaten a king" i warned. "Idiot" his mate whispered. I think her name was molly or milly, im not sure my attention was on Eleanor mostly.

Speaking of eleanor, where is she? She's been gone too long.

'Check on mate' my wolf whimpered.

The moon goddess may have not made a soulmate for us but ever since we decided to claim her my wolf views her as his mate.

I quickly stand up and clear my throat to get everyones attention. Everyone went silent and looked at me, "thanks for coming for dinner, im sorry you guys didn't get to meet your queen for she had to leave at the moment. You guys may stay and eat or go, your choice" i finish.

Everyone held disappointment in their eyes, they were looking forward to meeting their future queen. Oh well.

I quickly walked off to where the restroom was and hesitated. If something isn't wrong then i look like a creep walking in there, but if something is then im waisting precious time.

Screw it. I quickly pushed open the door and growled.

Eleanor was laying on the ground unconscious, her heart beat faint. I quickly ran to her side and lifted her up bridal style.

'Meet me in my room, NOW!' I yelled through mind link.

With speed so fast i made it to my room within seconds. I kicked open the door using my foot and rushed her over to the bed.

What the hell happened?

The sounds of footsteps got closer to my room, to my disappointment it wasn't the pack doctor.

Jake rushed to Eleanors side frantically with his mate close behind him.

"How on earth did you know something was wrong?" I growled at him, my wolf was on edge.

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